10+ bike maintenance servicing Tips best engine oil and changing frequency indian Roads

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Bike maintenance tips

  1. Mainantail speed between 40-60 or Economy Mode While Driving.
  2. Charge  Sprockets After 40,000 Kilometers Run
  3. Change Fork oil After Running Every 10,000/- Kms
  4. Change Bike Engine Oil between 2000-2500/- or Less .
  5. Keep carburetor clean on every 15,000/- Kms and Replace Spark Plug.
  6. Don’t over tighten clutch it consumes fuel very High.
  7. DOn’t Ride High Speed in Low gear and Don’t Suddenly change gears from Top to Low it’s Damages in Engine.

how to check oil level in bike?

How to change Bike Oil?

Changing Engine Oil frequency 25000-3000 Kms or every 3 months.

Types of Engine oils

  1. Mineral oils 2500-3000 Kms frequency Cost 270/-INR Onwards.
  2. Semi synthetic oils 2500-3000 Kms
  3. Fully Synthetic oils Changes Every 6000+ Kms price 1000/-Inr Onwards
  4. Ester synthetic
Above quality and price Upgraded minerals to Fully synthetic.
Before making change of oils, ensure that followings tools kept ready:
  1. A screwdriver
  2. An oil filter wrench to remove the oil filter
  3. An adjustable socket wrench.
  4. Clean rags
  5. Required quantity of manufacturer recommended engine oil
  6. An additional manufacturer approved oil filter
  7. A funnel
better to use manufacture Engine Oil i owned Honda Aviator i ant to find honda 4 stroke engine oil price in india but no information. 
I have 3 types of engine oil honda company website. I am looking for price Honda Genuine 4T Engine Oil at Scooters.. 
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Finding best Engine Oil For Bike?

Castrol Engine oil prices

Castrol Activ Xtra 10W-30 : 4-stroke motorcycles requiring 10W-30 viscosity grade, check oil every 2000 km. : 900 ml : Rs.258
Castrol Activ Xtra 20W-50 : all 4-stroke motorcycles of, Hero, Bajaj, Honda, Suzuki, TVS, Hero, Yamaha and all other manufactures : 1 ltr : Rs.291
Castrol Go! : Suitable for all 4 stroke bikes and scooters : Rs. 245 [ 4T – Castrol Go! – 1 ltr ]
Difference between 2 Stroke 4 Stroke engines 4 Strokes better than  Stroke engine Now 2 stroke Engines no longer Available.