3 things must know about Narendra modi biography and family

3 things must know about Narendra modi biography and  family

Narendra modi biography 
Full or Real NameNarendra Damodardas Modi
Dob 17 sep1950 63 years old till date
birth of place Vadnagar, Bombay, India
Political life
NarendraModi started his political career as RSS  RASHRIYSWAYAM SEVAK SANGH member he volunteered for soldiers to travel through railway station during the 1960 Pakistan vs. India war after that joined in as a student in ABVP Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad  worked full and he nominated as BJP representative
And he was selected by LK ADVANI as bjp leader to guide the Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat in 2001 he selected as CM IN Gujarat
Narendra modi family
His parents father Damodardas Mulchand Modi, Heerabeen mother stays with modi father died maybe I think
Brother’s prahlad, somya pankaj modi
Modi is a vegetarian and still bachelor he wears business suits for business meeting also writes poems in Gujarati Narendra modi is still bachelor
2002 violence
Mumbai riots in train 500 Indian pilgrims are murdered in train accident by firing train engine after that 1000-2000 Muslims are murdered. Gujarat government announce shoot at sight order.
 justice ramachandram announced narendra modi will be prosecuted oh this case but no one proved it but all the political parties stressed to resign to cm post after he resigned election started again and narendra modi won again 2nd time 127 seats out 186  Now the modi 14th chief minister of Gujarat and 4 times he elected continuously.
3 things must know about Narendra modi biography and  family
3 things must know about Narendra modi biography and  family
Best cm of India according India today survey 2006
Development in Gujarat
1. Narendra visited china to understand the Special Economic Zones plan to point out in Gujarat
2. Gujarat recorded highest growth rate in 10.78% India when comparing all other states
3. Check dams irrigation projects using tube wells BT cotton using semi–arid land agriculture growth rate9.6%
Narendra modi visa denied for USA for religious freedom refer 2002 violence in Gujarat recently bjp president Ranjith Singh went to America and urged for grant visa to cm written letter to president of us barrack obama
Pm candidate for parliament elections 2014
In the 2013 bjp party announced candidate for pm for the election of 2014
Narendra modi will be the possible PM of India according to India today survey

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Narendra Modi official website www.narendramodi.in

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Reasons for supporting narendra modi in election 2014.

I vote for BJP  because i want to change in India like Gujarat. my village don’t have road to connect to city the old road it’s thar Roda builded when the time of atal bihari vajpayee 2001 under the scheme of gramin sadak yojana.

i want to use internet connection in my village if internet connection is there in my village i don’t need stay in Hyderabad city to spend more money on rent and other etc.

congress announced rajiv internet scheme, Rajiv high broadband but  that schemes only for cheating people not in action. i contacted bsnl office to repair the connection which is telephone connection to use for internet now. they BSNL in loss in amount of 300 crore and above you need to repair yourself. which means i need to Digg in to earth for 2 kilometer city to village.

i want talk about kishan reddy i am totally compressed at his honesty  in 10 years of MLA  amberpet hyderabad division.

Pawan kalyan also pointing to narendra modi with out expecting anything he is also have great personality.

  • congress ruled 10 year till now they may neglect peoples rules like kingdom becuase they have the power since 10 years they have no fresh ideas to change the country lets give chance to next 5 years in 2019 election.
  • in countries like America there is no 3rd option for president.

I have strong belief that MODI can change the India.