Act Internet Beam Fibre plans review tips

Beam Internet Plans In Hyderabad


1mbps 410 30Gb After FUP 512

10mbps 650 50GB  After FUP 1Mbps

40mbps 1099  100GB After FUP 4Mbps


above plans excluded 14.5 or 15% tax . probably 410 will be 460 650*15/100=97.5 750 1100+165=1265 etc.


Beam service review:

For a reconnection after 500 days it took 4+days get reconnected in a different area, beam resolution time was minimum 2 days or 3days. depending on availability of service team.

Why Beam/ ACT is the Best than Other networks?

Hathway, You broadband, and other new in the industry they are not covered most of the area. but they will provide cheap plans.

How to upgrade beam /ACT internet Plan online Instantly?


just click on Upgrade on the portal page. Pay the dues and click on upgrade. Once you upgrade by mistake, you have downgrade the plan by calling customer care. be aware of Billing date and FUP.

My cause i have 1mbps plan upgraded on 27th month ending and paid dues 466 and 35 for 1-hour browsing data after that i upgraded to 40 Mbps instead of 10mbps. now i got billed for 1399 just paid now.

for home based plans

How to disable /bypass beam portal login?

  1. any router Configuration
  2. use PPope instead of dynamic
  3. and enter login details
  4. save settings.
    very simple
  • forget about login every time.
  • now i switch off/on the router
  • it will work perfectly
  • any questions see the description


or call support create a  ppope on your PC if you don’t have the wireless wifi router.


mostly you broadband users this way. created ppope connection like dial-up in network settings.