WordPress Adsense Plugins & Manually

insert Adsense into WordPress post, put Adsense in WordPress without a plugin.

Best Adsense WordPress plugins free

1. Easy AdSense WordPress plugin

Install plugin and Go settings Place Ad Codes In the box. you may able display ads as

  1. As a widget in the sidebar.
  2. Middle of the post,
  3. Below Title,
  4. After Post and
  5. Within paragraphs
  6. two search engines as widgets.

Not able to place above Post title and Below navigation.

2. WP Ad Inserter Plugin for Adsense

20000 Active installs
  1. Display within Articles between paragraphs
  2. Display ads in categories.
  3. Above post title works.
Previously used here

3. Adsense official WordPress Plugin

Google automatically Add ads to in the page and creates Separate ads for blog.
We can place 3+ Ads using this Plugin.
Other Adsense plugins
Final words if you want to increase your
Adsense income you need to increase your website traffic.
TIP: Don’t forget to place two Ads above the fold. below navigation and below post title.

for Some themes like genesis Newspaper theme Avada not works. please check WP themes TOP 10.

5. Quick Adsense Plugin Review

 With This plugin you can Insert Ads on Posts/ page.
Beginning of the posts,
Middle, after paragraphs 1,2,3,4 etc
End of the paragraph.
but this is not updated from 2years. but millions of websites still using it. link to quick adsense plugin

Quick Adsense Reloaded! Plugin

https://wordpress.org/plugins/quick-adsense-reloaded/  not tested yet. but may use ful update 1 week ago with 30K active installs.

Insert Adsense Code Below navigation manually

1.For Genesis Theme we can use genesis Simple hooks.

2. For Newspaper Theme

3. We can use, Google Adsense official Plugin to insert ads manually.


Insert Sidebar Adsense Ads manually by Adding Text/HTML widget.


Insert Adsense Ad in WordPress after 1st paragraph manually


Go to Appearance>>Editor> Select Single.php and Find Below code. using CTRL+F

Find This

<?php the_content(); ?>
Replace with
$show_after_p = 1;
$content = apply_filters('the_content', $post->post_content);
if(substr_count($content, '<p>') > $show_after_p)
 $contents = explode("</p>", $content);
 $p_count = 0;
 foreach($contents as $content)
  echo $content;
  if($p_count == $show_after_p)
                INSERT ADSENSE CODE
  echo "</p>";
    1. if you want it display on center put your adsense code in <center> </center> html tags
    1. if you want display adsense code in 2nd paragraph change $show_after_p = 1$show_after_p = 2;
but in genesis not able to add after 1st paragrpah you can use gensis simple hooks without any plugin.
How to fight with Adblock Adsense Publishers?
I’ve seen labnol.org ad alignment o his website. Also, they had the feature that If  Adblock blocks Adsense ad units on their website an image appears with ads helps to pay our bills Please whitelist our website.
I had checked the page source code I found the script code after footer so we need to add after an end of the footer.php in WordPress.
Dispplay alternative content when Adblock plus block your Adsense Ads read more here
(document, ‘script’)); window.onload = function() {setTimeout(function() {if(window.top!==window.self){window.top.location=window.self.location} var ad = document.querySelector(“ins.adsbygoogle”); if (ad && ad.innerHTML.replace(/s/g, “”).length == 0) {ad.style.cssText = ‘display:block !important’; ad.innerHTML = ‘<img src=”http://img.labnol.org/di/support.png” alt=”AdBlock” width=”300″ height=”250″ class=”aligncenter” />’;}},2000);};

Adsense A/B Testing with Adsense Plugin Adpushup

Note: there are a number of Adblock detecting Adsense Plugins available in WordPress directory. please choose one and increase your earnings.

check WordPress tutorial for beginners steps by step