Adsense Optimization Improve adsense Earnings 2017

How to Increase Google Adsense earnings

If you are getting this thought probably you need money very urgent.

Immediate actions

  • Changing Adsense placement.
  • adding more fresh content to increase traffic.
  • choose the niche with high paying keyword like cars, insurance, buy-sell coupons.
  • choose the theme perfect previously lot people mentioned CTR theme but using these ads disable on one of web site reason thin content empty Adsense ads appeared and I not applied to Google Adsense. because of info links.
  • Increase your AdSense Income with Google DFP  you can use 6 ad slots from Google Adsense+double click program.
  • Replace your existing search bar with Gooogle Adsense search bar
  • Enable Page level Ads on mobile.
  • Use Text link Ads & image Ads
  • Use Adsense Matched content for related posts and for more earnings.
  • Don’t’ use Ad balance option it hurts your earnings. the only Adsense shows balance space on the ad space not suppress it.

Adsense Optimization

Best Places to Add Adsense Ad slots 
  1. Below the post Title 300*250 or 336*280 Ad units
  2. Right side 160*600 or 300*600
  3. End of the posts 728*90  As recommended by google Adsense.
Google Adsense Recommended Ad formats
Text and Images

Adsense Link units vs regular Ads


Now google Launched Responsive link unit along with 728*15, 428*15 and 220*90 ad units.

How do Link units work? earnings calculated based on CPC, When a user click on the Link unit then the page redirects to advertise page, if they click on the 2nd link on the advertisement results page then you get paid otherwise not. google said AdSense publisher allowed click link unit on the website, not on the results page.

Pros: users may click 2 more ads on the results page.

Cons: Maybe users do not lick on the results page then we cannot get any money.

Increased bounce rate & User experience hurts. deceptive ad formats.

may cause website quality and ranking issues. this is the reason why authority sites not use it.

Anyway, Any ad that placed on the above fold performance well.


3 things that decrease Adsense earnings 

How to do Adsense A/ B Experiments?

Adsense Now Automating From Adsense dashboard A / B experiments with Colour Border and other.

what is a good click through rate for google Adsense?

Make sure to not more than 10%. you need to worry about CTR Because It’s difficult to determine read more about CTR  on Adpushup website.

Adsense Optimization course
Adsense optimization overview by google.

Adsense experiments

Above fold penalty

you can check your website above fold content by google analytics browser size tool.
How to increase Adsense CPC?
better to reduce ad units.
CTR or CPC which is best?
depending on niche above questions are very critical to decide.
Ad units
My weekly experiments on a website that include
  1. 728*15 link unit above post title or 728*90 below navigation
  2. 336*280 or 330*250 below title left, right float or center
  3. right sidebar 300*250, 300*600, 336*280 or 160*600
  4. below the content 728*90, 336*280, or any 320*600 custom
  5. middle of the post does not perform well generally
  6. after 1st paragraph.
  7. footer ads worst in performance.
left float vs right float below the title
left float past 7days march-21-27 
42,838, 99.26%Clicks 204, CTR 0.48%, CPC $0.15, $0.74, $31.50
Yesterday 28th Clicks 43 CTR 0.73% CPC 0.16$ Earnings $7.06
middle of post 330*250 vs 200*90(link unit)
past 7 days (March 21-27)medium rectangle 

Ad requests,29,748, coverage 99.62%, Clicks 40 CTR 0.13%, CPC $0.16, RPM $0.21 Earings $6.25.
Link units (may better )
Different layout 728*15 ad unit vs theme optimized
the experiment started on 2/3/2013  8.01PM IST

I think 2nd one wins.

end of the post 200*90 ad works rather than 728*15336*280 vs 300*250 below post title title 336*280 won

200*90 ad unit side bar vs middleof posts
sidebar last 2 days
March 13 to 15 201, and gain 17-19 middle
7,462, 5.94%, 40, 0.54%, $0.13, $0.72, $5.39,
lets see..

[Again] left side below title Ad vs right

past 5 days 10-15 3/10/2015 -3/15/2015.RIGHT SIDE
 Request 4,269, coverage  99.91%, clicks 78, CTR 1.83%, CPC $0.08, RPM, $1.54EARINGS  $6.58
3/1/2015 TO 3/5/2015 LEFT SIDE
REQUESTS 2,627,  99.92%, CLICKS 79, CTR 3.01%, CPC $0.07$, RPM 2.11EARNINGS $5.55
Almost left float won again moving ad right to left 3/16/2015 posts results after 5 days.
the center ad below post title next experiment

Right float ad below post title vs left float

Left float Ad leads encourage click but CPC low

Below post title Ad middle of content center 2/3/2015 9.08PM IST

Middle Ad got high CPC when compared to before content.
Traffic change 3rd -10/2/2015 12,456 vs 17,063 27-02-2015
Site earnings drop 50-32 $18 loss.
6days analysis
3-8 visits 10,611 (-26.49%), earning $24.96 right
28th Jan-2nd February 14,435  earnings $43.82 left
Ad unit’s performance
28th Jan Link unit, 14.08 vs 15.08 feb 3-8(clicks 172, CTR2.24%, CPC$0.09 earn $15.08 )
vs Rectangle (35 clicks, CTR 0.70%, CPC $0.05 earn $1.82),
28-2 link unit (172 clicks, 1.94% CTR, CPC $0.09, Earn$14.80)
middle Rectangle (154 clicks, CTR 2.60%, CPC $0.07, Earn $11.13).
28/01/2015 (7-day experiment) – 05/02/2015
728*90 Above navigation and 728*15 below navigation 336*280 right float content

1/30/2015 website ranking dropped to page 1 to 7 may b above fold penalty, or on page comments removing.


Although 1270*90 ad not performed well,

results yet to be view.

Consider Your Content When Adding New Units
Adsense tip video by google

Upgrade to High-Performing Units