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Epf balance check online uan

You can check pf balance at employee provident fund portal India website (epfIndia.com).

For this, you have to enter PF number and mobile number.
After entering the details you can of balance details to the registered mobile number.

Step by step process to check Epf balance

  1. Visit epf portal,
  2. Click on check Epf balance option under services.
  3. Select the state after that select the epfo office location.
  4. Enter establishment code if you don’t have then leave it as it is,
  5. Finally, enter your provident fund number.
  6. Last but not least enter your mobile number. click to get epf balance details.

Click on get balance details. You will epf amount status on your mobile by SMS.

Pf balance by SMS:

You can Pf balance by sending a small from registered mobile number.

EPFOHO UAN <ENG> to 773 8299 899

But your epfo number must be UAN activated.  You can check status from uanmembers.epfoservices.in

With this portal, you can request new UAN number and activate later.  Also, track the UAN status online.

Pf balance by missed call

Give a missed call to below number from UAN activated phone number.

You can dial this number to get Pf balance details.

Pf statement for checking epf balance:  pf statement can be available from epfo member portal at http://members.epfoservices.in.

register at epfo member portal not did early, login with pf details and download the pf statement and check balance details.

UAN passbook download on uan portal

Now all the employees prefer uan portal to download uan passbook to check epf balance details.why we need to worry about epf balance details. we could get Pf balance By SMS on every transaction generally every month. Becuase only once a month pf amount will increase by the contribution of employer and accumulated interest by epfo.

How to check Pf claim status on epfo?

Epfo claim status checking process as same as EPF balance status.

  1. Visit epfIndia.com, click on Pf claim status that will redirect you to epfo claim status page.  There you can do following things.  Select the state,  city of your epfo office example Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Pune, Mumbai, Lucknow, Hyderabad and other etc.
  2. Enter epf number details and finally Pf number.
  3. The last thing is to enter your epfo registered mobile number.
  4. Click on get Pf claim status online.

But you can get the details of the mobile number by SMS.


2nd way to check  Epf Claim Status
  • Please click on the following link to find the status of your claim submitted in any of the EPFO Office.
  • Select the EPFO office where your account is maintained and furnish your PF Account number.
  • Leave the extension field blank, in case your account does not have one.

Epf login /registration online payment

employees can register at epfo services portal members.epfoservices.in.

For registration, employees can enter the details like Pf account number and identity proof number (Voter ID, passport, driving license number), pan card number and other etc. you can still register at epfo login portal.

EPFO UAN status

Let’s get the part of UAN status.  UAN stands for universal account number at the epfo case it’s allotted to every Pf account holder by epfo.

The main benefit is: withdraw money without employer sign.

You of the account remains same if switched from one company to another company.

  • Getting & activating the UAN number
  • 1st part is requesting UAN number from epfo.
  • For this, you need uid or  Aadhhaar number along with other details.
  • 2nd part is activating UAN at uan members.epfoservuces.in

After activation you can check UAN status regular basis may be it get up to 7 days to get activated.

With UAN you can login with UAN number & password to download Pf statement /passbook.

UAN Activation UAN  portal Registration

after you knowing the uan number by uan status or by the employer. visit the uan portal or on the mobile app, Enter your uan number fill the further details of the epfo member. set password for uan login. then login ASAP for downloading uan member card and passbook for pf balance details.

Epf payment online net banking SBI:

You can pay Pf payment monthly with sbi Internet banking.  and other banks too.  With the integration of bill desk services, you can pay by credit card debit card and all the possibility ways in online.For offline payment, you have to visit the bank. Visit Epfindia.com or original source at pf balance. 

UAN Member portal services

for availing uan services members have to registered uan portal with uan number. but we have already registered with the epfo portal with pf number and checking epf balance fine, then why is uan portal?

UAn portal aimed to reduce third party interaction and focusing on transparency to avoid misuse of epf funds.

what are the uan portal benefits?

the perfect example is pf withdraw without any documentation & interaction. with uan portal directly withdrawal epf money to the bank account online. Not only this one.

Change Address & Date of birth Update KYC details including Aadhaar pan bank details etc. But name change if pf account needs to contact employer and pf office.

EPFO Website, not working issues.

uan portal down from 3 months everybody saying. but it can accessible now, main reason uan members portal and employer uan portal merged with the unified uan portal.

Epf withdrawal eligibility

you can check pf withdrawal eligibility while filling epf withdrawal form online. if you are trying to withdraw epf offline check epf rules.

general epf withdrawal rules are after 2 months of unemployment. minimum 6 months contribution from the employer.full withdrawal is allowed only at the time of retirement or 58 years age.

TDS On epf withdrawal: without PAN card 20%, with pan 10%, 5 years old pf account no TDS. also no tax on below withdrawal of 50,000.

What are the benefits of EPF?

Every month a small part of the salary of the employee is transferred to the EPF or Employment provident fund. EPF is a government organization which was created to save up for the retirement of the employees. This is a compulsory scheme in which employee, as well as the employer, has to make some compulsory investment in the scheme. EPF scheme is regulated by Employee Provident Fund Organization or EPFO.

As per the rules of the scheme, an employee has to put 12% of the salary amount in the EPF and the employer has to match the same contributions. 12% of the salary will include Basic salary as well as Dearness Allowances. With the help of the contribution from your employer, you can make sure that you get the best returns for your investment in the later stages of your working. This contribution can make sure that you have the best retirement plan in place which can make sure that you get the best way to secure your future. All the contributions which are made into the EPFO grow with a fixed rate of interest. The rate of interest for all the investments made in EPF is fixed by the government annually. The rate of interest of EPF for the financial year 2015-16 was set at 8.8% every year.

epfo interest rate this year

The growth which is provided to the investors is because the EPFO invests the entire amount in fixed income instruments. By investing in Fixed Income Investment such as state and central government bonds, fixed deposits in banks, and also in bonds which are issued by public sector companies there is the complete security of the investment. Along with complete security, the return from the investment is also guaranteed. In past few years, the importance of EPF investment has increased a lot. The main reason behind the increase is the fact that until a few years back there was pension which was provided to the central as well state government employees. Over last many years all these things have changed as the government does not offer pension now. People are very much dependent upon the money which they are receiving from EPF and are thus even increasing the investment in their EPF account.

How is government striving to increase your benefits?


There has been one major problem which has been closely associated with EPFO. To keep the money safe EPFO has always followed a very conversational approach for investment. Because of this method, the total growth to the amount is not as expected. Most of the times the amount received are not enough to best the current inflation. For many years experts have termed that as the investments made in EPF is long term, it would be better if the investment is made into equity. Keeping this demand in mind, EPFO has decided to start investment in equity. 5% of the total investment is going to be made in equity from August 2015.

EPFO has also started investing in the Exchange Traded Funds. The ETF investments in various assets such as bonds, commodities and stocks can provide better returns on the investments. Most of the ETF can track the index just like bond index or stock index. All these money is called as passively managed funds which can make sure that all the returns which come from these funds can be mirrored in the indexes which they follow.

There are many people who are not of the opinion similar to the EPF funds which are getting invested in the equities. As EPF is the retirement fund, they believe that these funds should not be invested in the equities as there is a risk followed by these investments. But as these investments are done for 5 to 7 years, investing in equity can help in providing better returns.

There are two areas of the investment, one is EPF and other is EPS –Employee Pension Scheme. Employee Pension scheme was launched in the year 1995 and out of the total contribution of the employee, which is 12%, 8% goes into the EPS (Maximum of Rs. 541). The pension which one receives is subject to the number of service and average of salary which the person draws before retirement. The maximum limit to the pension is set up at 3500 P.M. There is also a provision where you can get lump sum amount from EPS along with your PF amount. There are many benefits of EPF schemes here are some of the top benefits.

epf scheme Insurance benefits

One of the biggest hidden benefits of EPF is that along with the retirement benefits it can also insure you for your life. According to the EDLI scheme, any company which is not providing group insurance scheme has to provide 0.5% of the monthly salary which acts as the monthly premium for the insurance cover.

EPF for special occasions

At times in life, there are special occasions or emergencies when you need some extra funds. During such times EPF can be very handy as it can provide you, family, a chance to withdraw a certain amount of money when you need to maintain some special conditions. Here are some of the situations in which you can withdraw the amount.

  1. epfo  Marriage or Education

If you need funds for the marriage of your child or for their education then EPF allows you to withdraw 50% of the fund as a contribution. Along with this, you can also take this benefit three times in your life, the only condition is that you need to be in service for 7 years. To get the money you are supposed to provide valid documents and proof of marriage or the fees which are payable.

  1. Getting a house

You can also withdraw EPF amount for the purpose of construction, maintenance and repair for housing loan and repayment. You can also use 3 months wages from the EPF balance for which you need to provide a proof of 10 years of service. You can also withdraw about 12 months of wages at one if you want to do the repairing and alteration of your house.

  1. Medical emergency

EPF can also be used for the purpose of money for surgical operations. You can withdraw money for leprosy, TB, Cancer, heart issue, paralysis and mental derangement. For medical issues, you can withdraw six times your salary.