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check pf claim status of epfo withdrawal and transfer request with pf number, uan number, and claim number online at epfo uan member portal.

Easy way to check your  PF withdrawal or claim status

Many people often get annoyed on the elusive deduction from their salary. But depositing a small portion of your salary to the PF or EPF account can extremely benefit beneficial for future. Basically, PF is a retirement benefits scheme that is provided to all the salaried employees in India. In this scheme, every, salaried employee deposits some amount of his salary to the PF account and some portion is deposited from the employer. These funds are maintained by supervised by provident fund organization of India(EPFO). Every company having more than 20 employees has to register with EPFO.

EPFO is a very effective savings platform where you can secure your future by investing some amount of your salary. You can use these funds in certain cases such as after retirement, you are unable to work or so on. You can ask for a loan from your PF savings.

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Deduction proportions from salary

If you are a working employee and work at a PFO or EPFO registered organization then you and your employer both will contribute 12% of your basic salary every month in the PFO account. The 12% contribution from your side goes into your EPF account with the 3.67% contribution from your employer.  The rest amount that is 8.33% from your employer’s side gets diverted to EPS(Employee’s Pension Scheme).

If your basic salary is above 6500 INR per month then your employer can only make a contribution of 8.33% to your EPS account. The deposits made by many employees like you and your employer are invested by a trust. An annual interest gets deposited into the account every year.  The interest rate can vary between 8% to 12%. The current interest rate is 8.75%. if you don’t want to be a part of this scheme then you can fill form 11.

Withdrawal of your PF funds

If you are a salaried individual and contributing to PF scheme then you can withdraw your complete balance at the time of retirement. You can withdraw these funds after 60 days of unemployment. You can also withdraw you PF funds immediately if you are going abroad for permanent employment, or if you are a female employee then you can make an early withdrawal if you are resigning job for the purpose of marriage or childbirth. You can check pf claim status anytime.

How to withdraw PF funds

Withdrawing your PF funds is really easy. You can either withdraw them online or directly from the PF office. While withdrawing PF funds you can submit your PF withdrawal form to your employer. In you have your active UAN  number and you have updated your KYC details to the employer then you can directly submit UAN based PF withdrawal forms to the PFO.  In this case there, is no need to take employer’s signature or attestation.

How to  check your PF withdrawal status

To check your pf claim status you can either check it online or you can visit the PFO office for knowing the status of your claim. Whereas checking it online is always a better way. The online provident fund claim status is a great facility that enables you to track your pf claim status of withdrawal. To check the pf claim status online you need to have your PF account number. You can get your PF account number on your Payslip or you can also contact your HR manager to get the PF account number.

Steps to know your PF claim status online

  • While checking the pf claim status online the very first step you should take is visit the EPFO portal.
  • Once you open the portal you will find a button ‘For Employees’ in the our service section. There you will  find a service section where you will find a button’ know your claim status’. Clicking on this button will land you  to the pf claim status There you will find a link ‘click here for knowing the claim status’. Click on that link and you will re-directed to a new page where you can select the state of PF office.
  • Once you enter your state’s name you will see the list of regional PF offices. You can select the concerned office name if you know your region.
  • The next step you have to follow is enter the establishment code of your employer. Note one thing that the employer code is max of 7 digits.
  • If at all you have any extension code or sub code then you have to enter it in the 4th box. If you  don’t have any then you can leave it blank. Next is fill your PF account number in the 5th box. The PF account number is 7 digits long.

Checking PF claim status

  • Once you fill all these entries click on the submit button to see your PF claim status. The status message shows the discrepancy in the document and application.
  • You may also receive a message that will show the action taken by PFO regarding your pf claim status. The accurate PF claim status will help you to monitor your PF withdrawal claim.
  • Only condition is you must know all the numbers such as establishment code, region code and your PF account number.
  • If you don’t have establishment code then you can easily find it on the portal. Visit the PFO search services. Here you can find the details about your company based on old code, new regional office, Pin code, establishment name and so on.
  • To do this you have to select the ‘Estt. Name’ option, enter the company name and search. This will let you know the establishment code of your employer.

Searching for your pf claim status online is an easiest way. Searching it online will save your time and will provide you status without much efforts. You  just need to log in to the UAN portal for this. Registering your PF account to the UAN portal is very easy. If you have your UAN id then you can anytime check your pf claim status online.