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we can login to uan portal is uan number only. UAN is a short form of Universal account number which is allotted by EPFO. A UAN is a onetime membership number that works as an umbrella for the various member ids that are allotted to every working individual. The purpose of linking your multiple member id numbers to a universal account number is to provide you an account number that will be working throughout your career.

How to login into a UAN member portal

This will also help you to see your multiple membership ids linked to it.  If you have changed your job and wanted to update your membership,  then you can update it anytime in your UAN account. You can check your EPFO account updates by logging into UAN portal. By logging into UAN portal, you can check for claim status, PF transfer and balance. To do this, you need to make sure you are familiar with the UAN portal. If you are not aware of UAN portal, you must understand the UAN login registration process. By knowing this process, you can understand how you will be benefited with online facilities offered by UAN portal. UAN is your permanent identity of your PF account. If you are an EPF member, then you can be active your UAN registration to enjoy, the online facilities availed by this portal.

Process of UAN login and registration

For obtaining UAN login credentials, you have to make sure you register to the UAN portal. You will receive your universal account number from your employer. To make an authentic registration, you have to provide your member id and mobile number. The most important purpose of having a UAN is to have access to all your PF accounts under one roof. This will also significantly reduce your dependence on your employer regarding your PF withdrawals. This is also helpful in curbing the defaulters.

UAN member login activation

In you have a universal account number then you should the follow the steps below to make sure that you get to log in.

  1. By clicking on above URL, you will get directed to UAN member portal.
  2. A search of the option for activating the UAN. It will direct you to a new page.
  3. Click on the checkbox which will show you ” I have understood all the instructions.”
  4. For activation of UAN, a form will appear on your screen.
  5. Fill that form with UAN number and also put in your mobile number and membership ID.
  6. You will get a verification message on your phone and will receive a pin.
  7. Once you receive the verification pin complete the registration process. From here onwards you can anytime login to the portal using this password.

How to create a password for logging in UAN portal

Creating your password on UAN portal is very easy. You just have to go through a password creation session and follow few easy steps.

  1. Password creation process consists of a 4 minutes session. That means the session will expire in 299 seconds.
  2. In the first field, you have to enter a name of your father or husband.
  3. On the UAN members portal, you will have to click on the confirm establishment code.
  4. Once you are done with this, you will have to create a strong password combination consisting eight characters. In this, you can also include capital or small letters, numerical values and symbols.
  5. Make sure you enter the same password in the adjacent field to avoid the mismatch in login details.
  6. In the final step, you just have to enter your member ID and you will successfully login to the UAN portal.

Login benefits of EPF universal UAN account

There are many benefits offered by logging into a UAN portal. When you login into UAN portal you can access many things regarding your PF facility. Especially in case, you contain multiple PF accounts then using UAN portal can be extremely beneficial to you. Following are some amazing benefits offered by logging into UAN portal.

  1. You can download your EPF passbook anytime by entering your UAN number to the portal.
  2. The best part is you can view or download your passbook as many times as you want.
  3. You can anytime check the status of your PF claim for withdrawal by logging into UAN login portal.
  4. Using SMS or missed call service you can anytime check your PF balance.
  5. You can also update your KAC information by logging into UAN portal.

epf members can also check the status of your UAN number if you haven’t received any. You can get a best possible answer for any query regarding your PF account.

How to download your PF passbook from your UAN portal

Downloading your PF passbook or viewing it is easy using UAN portal.  You can download your PF passbook in PDF format whenever your require. There is no restriction on downloading passbook. To download it the initial step you must take the log into UAN portal. Once you log in and the home page appears you find a download section. When you click on the download section, you will find two options that are Download UAN member Passbook, and other is Download UAN card. Once you click on Download member passbook, you can also view your passbook and your PF balance. You can also get your PF account statement using UAN number.

Transferring PF funds using UAN  portal

Today UAN portal has completely changed the way of dealing with your PF account. In earlier times people had to spend their whole career by working with a single employer, and they would retire from the same company.  But as today the scenario has changed as most of the jobs are created in private sector changing job frequently has become a fashion. Once you change your job, you may change your city which is common.  In such cases shifting your PF account becomes really difficult. If you have you UAN number, you can easily transfer you PF funds. By using UAN number, you can easily transfer your PF funds from one employer account to the new one.

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