Back pain workouts,Yoga asans tips reasons, Treatments, Types

Back pain workouts, Yoga asans tips reasons, Treatments, Types and personal experience on back pain.
Muscle Staring
Nerves Irrigation
Bones,ligaments,disc damage/degenerating.

low axial back pain 

Very common Presented in sports person (long time sitting) pain not passed to legs.

Lumbar radiculopathy (sciatica) passes to legs.
Low back pain with referred pain: pain along with another pain generally upper side of lower back pain.

Acute or Chronic Back pain.

healing process:
Ceasing activity for a few days allows injured tissue and even nerve roots to begin to heal,
Medicines: Some helps reduce Symptoms, and some Inhibits pain info to brain but the problem continues.
Exercises: Includes aerobic conditioning, stretching, and strengthening
Avoid sleeping on your stomach,
Sit straight in chairs

Back pain workouts early stage 
if once back pain and belly fat comes not easy to get rid of this you may also interest in read gums diseases and oral dental care my post how to teeth brush properly on this blog for more healthy tips check health tips category on blog important to check eye diseases. also I mean about sight  here I am sharing an image  about back pain workouts
back pain comes mainly from these reasons
1.Sitting same place at long time. Ex-software professionals
2.  Working household like housewives these people needs to work out proper way generally these are say we doing exercise it’s enough all we want to take bed rest. Back pain is an indication of it.

There are a lot of videos on youtube just check it as back pain relief exercises.

there are lot of exercises, but you have select 5 among them as a favorite and practice every day. also do when you feeling back pain.

Myself almost I have to sit 12+ Hours a day in the chair. that causing lower back pain. now it acute stage.

Yoga asanas for back pain By Ramdev baba,

Ardapawan Mukthasan:  lift you knees and try to touch chest, do not lift head.
Markatasan:  leg and head opposite twist, alternative and two legs at a time.
Kandharasan lift your legs alternatively at 90 degrees
Katiuttasan: lift waist upward and then downward slowly repeat.while you are head and touching floor knees must be fold.
Makarasan: keep palms touching the chin.lying on the stomach. lift the knees alternatively and at a time(markarasan-2)
Bhujangaan 1: Palms below chest, chin touching the floor, knees remain on the floor. while breathing lift chest and look next upward,
Bhujangasan -2 place palms at center of chest left palm on right palm and lift while breathing in.
Bhujangsan-3 lift palms with chest and look upward.
Bhujangasan -4: Separate foot by distance away by 1 foot, chin resting on the floor, lift the chest and look at the opposite ankle. and then repeat it to see next ankle.
Shalabasan 1: Lifting legs 30 degrees or above one by one, while chin touching the floor hands must be below the hamstrings.
Shalabasan -2: lift right hand and left leg while you are stomach touching the floor.another hand must above your back.
Shalabasan -3: fold your hands at back. lift your chest while breathing in.
Shalabasan 4: lift your chest and legs while stomach touching the floor.

Back pain relief Chair
Back belts function primarily to hold the stomach in, thus increasing intra-abdominal pressure.
back belt is that during the period of wearing it, the supportive spinal muscles—the deep abdominal and back muscles—that normally support your spine will become weaker.  These muscles are less active while your spine is being artificially supported by the belt.  Muscles need to be consistently exercised in order to stay strong.
exercises regularly to keep your trunk muscles strong.
how the tissues of the spine become injured
does belly fat cause back pain
however, your center of gravity may shift forward, which puts additional pressure on your back.
Stress/cortisol levels
When your cortisol levels are elevated chronically, your cravings for salty snacks and calorie-dense treats increase, perpetuating this condition.
Lumbar Support
Cost ₹250
Lumbar adjustment
Back support
Arm rest adjustment,
Elbows rest on 90degree
Adjustable height between thigh and foot, slide your finger between thigh and chair if it tight then adjust,
Calf measurement, place fist between chair and calf, if its OK then leave, not enough space then you have to use lumbar support cushion.
Eyes must focus on center of the screen.
Take a break of 1-2 minutes once in 30 minutes by standing, stretch or walk
ergonomic desk adjustable height
Back pain Severity types
Lower back L5,S4

youtube video about these Asans here

back pain relief products
How cushions help to prevent back pain?
How acupressure cures back pain?
Tips on Sitting on Charis working office hours
Change posture by every 20-30 minutes, stand up and wait and sit down.
don’t hunch forward to the computer screen.
don’t use economic chairs upgraded latest office chairs must contain these features.
  1. Adjustable height,
  2. Adjustable backrest,
  3. Adjustable lumbar,
  4. Adjustable Arms Rest,
  5. height and depth,
  6. good padding,
  7. swivel and other etc.