how to become a domain registrar


To become a domain registrar like GoDaddy, big rock, Bluehost and other etc.we need to get ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) license.


How to obtain ICANN License?


A company with minimum working capital $70,000

NonRefundable Application fee of $3,500

Yearly Accreditione fee to ICANN $4,000

Quarterly variable ICANN fee $400 $2000 based on domains sold by registrar usage of batch pool connections.

Transaction-based gTLD fee on every domain registration charges on registrant about 10INR on 500 INR domain.

Payment to Registry Operators  like .in registry,.com, net, org etc

Ex: .com domain cost $8 Approximately

General commercial insurance $500-1000$ a year.

use this link get some more calculation on ICANN fees.

Registrar system maintenance by the external company like logic boxes based on domain volumes per domain 0.30 -$1.

Registrar system cost other submitting data to ICANN other 1000 to $10,000


Indian companies have to pay 15% Tax  on every order from the customer, but not foreign companies, so register company with Singapore like Flipkart

Why domain registrars sell low price on fresh registration?

they can add remaining price on renewal, Also they attract customer for other registration with the same company and other benefits.

After 1  year fee will be raised, transfer to other registrars also include the same price.


Domain Reseller Business with reseller club India?


from 2016 onwards they added 15% extra VAT on domain registration, for a reseller .com cost 700 INR,  then reseller can seller with a 20% of margin as 815 INR excluding service tax of 15% in India.

Now I am testing reseller club India with my own domain name transfers. but finally realized stick with current registration on new domain registration because they offer almost 90% discount like 0.1$ for the domain from 1 and 1. 135  in registration from crazy domains, 99 INR .com domain from GoDaddy, big rock etc.


How much a Domain cost to registrar?

On .com domain, it cost $7.85 to the registrar.  If its .IN domain then it cost 300INR to the registrar.


.COM TLD registry operator is

domain registry operators with ICANN.


how to setup a hosting company?

it is better than domain registrar but all web hosting companies include ICANN accretion as a domain registrar.

we can start it by reselling space on our VPS, Dedicated server or maintaining offline business customers

on shared server too.

we can lease dedicated servers like Google cloud hosting platform create a server maintain the customers. more starting web host company discussed further on here.