best 10+ must have mods for smf simple machines forum software

must have mods for smf simple machines forum software

Are you installed new Smf forum Don’t now how to use it just follow SMF tutorial on this website

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    How to delete inactive members in smf forum from database using phpmyadmin

    How to delete inactive members in smf forum from database using phpmyadmin  smf delete account, smf delete inactive users, smf delete all users,smf delete all topics

    smf delete all member
     i have one smf forum which is now contains 20,000+ members all are spam and inactive members from usa. but i want to target my forum to indian users.

    every day members going but not posts topics even replies. in early before google hummingbird update forum hit by bot's and made large members topics and posts with in a day. 

    before this google update. many of users tried to join forum and get back link. but today forum profile back links are in blacklisted by google.
    i am running forum since 2012 since almost 2 years passed. no users engagement. the forum content 2794 Posts in 2060 Topics made by me and my brother.
    now the forum in idle stage. getting almost 138 visit for a day and consuming 17gb bandwidth per month. 
    how can i make my forum popular.
    past period google crawled more friendly my forum. but now it's indicated as low quality content.

    smf delete all member

    run this  command on sql query on your database using php admin
    • DELETE smf_members

    smf delete all posts by users

    smf delete all posts by user

    •  if you want to delete all posts by single user  click on member profile choose delete member profile or delete all posts and messages made by that spam user or auto bot.

    how to delete smf members in bulk?

    here two ways can delete smf users from database.

    from smf forum admin menu

    • go to admin configuration and options> maintanence >members maintenance
      there is two options available.
      1 is delete members who not activated their account. 
      2 who not logged in in certain period example 30 days.
      for doing this you need install smf mod called  Enhancements to purge inactive members download from here

     delete smf users from database using phpmyadmin

    simply go your cpanel click on phpmyadmin select your database click on sql query enter below command to execute click on go.
    you are done.

    make sure to take a back up before your sql brakes sometime. i did it without making backup no problems occurred if occurs that relate to your smf-members table only.

    smf delete users with 0 posts

    DELETE FROM smf_members WHERE posts = 0