Best Android GPS Apps for google maps India offline


Google maps Offline by City; You can download entire map for offline access but It can expire after 30days.

there is no Full data available. only you can download the map for only a city. (and its expires after 30 days).

  1. we have to found Google Offline maps Storage Location in Android phone:
  2. The location would be Internal /external storage this path
  3. Internal /external storage Android/data/data/
  4. In files section, there is o files available in cache folder some random file available with the little size.
  5. try a search by your google map name also there not such file.

the example I have just downloaded India map is over 1.2gb from OpenStreetMap but Google map only 150 MB.

  • Hyderabad offline map 75MB,
  • India offline map 28MB.
  • Telangana Offline map 215MB.

Google earth Not available in India.

Cons: After 30days map will automatically delete from your phone.its better to update with your Home /office wifi once a month.

Tip: Moving Offline file to another folder can save downloading every time. we unable find the offline map location.

Navigation route 66: Best free  App among present offline maps: India maps 1.23 GB Available, not information not accurate as Goole maps.


Here Maps offline: (previously Nokia Maps)7.3GB map data available for whole Asia Continent.

Sygic maps: Tried but not satisfied

Mapfactor Navigator:  Asia map data only 900MB not so accurate India about 99MB. Maps available from OpenStreetMap OSM.

Hyderabad City Map offline app review: it’s the just image you can zoom it & out No map search & route target.


Map of India App review: This also not worth maps available by state but map data very limited. example: India _ Telangana map size only 21.4MB and Punjab state 10.2MB world base map 37.2MB.

Sygic:  I have downloaded not helpful offline. so I have deleted from the android phone.

Navmii: India map 200MB, India POI 6.6MB, coastlines (Europe,Asia, Africa, Australia)


OSMand+: 500INR Premium app

OSM Open Street Map:

Offline maps & Navigation by navigation. 

Sygic premium navigation can help better.

best GPS apps for car

For cars, there a lot of premium apps available for offline use.


best free GPS offline navigation app India

Google offline maps are the winner, don’t forget to download route 66 because it has 1.23 GB of the indian map.

Update my experience Soon here.