Best mobile phone Android, IOS, windows [How to find]

How to find best mobile before you buy?

Generally, we buy depending on the popularity, Advertisements, general talk and phone features.sometimes in a little short span of time we unable check above things.but we can do little online search for finding best mobile.My advice doesn’t rely on the online reviews, rating of mobile phone.

Top searched mobile phones in India 2014
Past week month, year

Go through google insights link,

Change worldwide to India, select year 2014 to 2015 or past 7/30/90 days or 12 months,

Check Raising queries instead of the top,

Common mobile model from 90days 12 months, and find price  that with  mobiles on

moto g  Nokia  730
Top Mobile companies

Common Features,

  1. Wifi, camera Front, Back, video HD, 
  2. Hardware: RAM, (2GBProcessor, Internal, external Memory,
  3. Is Mobile OS Update Available in Future?
  4. Battery backup capacity must be 2,000mah to 2,500
  • Samsung,
  • Panasonic,
  • Micro Max,
  • Celkon,
  • Windows,


Android OS used by all  companies, but some of  Android (OS) updates Not with present version android,

p81 have android jelly bean 4.2  but, Android to Android 5O , also they are going to fix some bugs in 5.1.

and IOS owned by one company Called Apple, cheap for US people Not . Unlocked costs 45,000-50,000   in .

I heard someone bought  6 plus in  and selling it . apple manufacture rate in  28900 baths which equal to 55000 in  currency (approximately). how they are making fools, simply in  places local   china mobiles it’s because tourist Place, not able contact them once they left the country.

thing faced at G with 32   for 100 Rupees only, but not with /laptop.

is in my opinion,

Also check google trends and insights to find which mobiles people are searching.

In 2014 google top

MOTO G, 6, Samsung galaxy S 5, Moto E, Nokia X,

How to find best smartphone in the 

Ex: best android mobile under 10,000 rupees,

can try to find a phone under 10,000  by features wise.

   we can find the best fit mobile phone with . you have any thoughts please ,
AnywayI want to buy  smartphone within 10000-15000 Only/-