8+ proven blogger seo tips

8+ proven SEO tips for blogger blog spot search engine optimization SEO plugin for blogger Blogspot search engine optimization SEO tips for blogger is blogger good for SEO

Robots.txt for blogger

this enable by visiting setting search preference

use noodp and nodir to enable custom robots you need to setting the search preferences enable custom robots.
adding related posts widget also help to boost your search engine rankings
blogger related post widget available code google.com you need do search with above keyword you will find the lot of related widgets
but installing this widget also increase a headache sometimes you need to edit template add the coded in the file[/]
something like above symbol and below on of the code within boy tag.

the SEO benefits
making title tag h3 to h1  [use with caution]

increase internal links and these links appear as h3 headings also decrease user outbound ratio.

the default sidebar widgets titles in blogger as h2 tags you need to change that to h4 by editing template.

also the popular search time.

XML sitemap for blogger BlogSpot

the sitemap for blogger.com not necessary I think if you need to add your RSS feed to the sitemap in google sitemap list

but your satisfaction here is the code to add the sitemap to blogger

the sitemap split with a maximum limit of 500 URL

this is code


add this code to your webmaster tools ust go select a website in the left side bar abover health you find sitemap section
Actually google only accept .xml sitemaps rss,html, text

Update: Sitemap blogger hosted blog spot name blogs simply put yourblog.blogspot.com/sitemap.xml
Not for custom domains.

the advantages of using blogger platform the website also have high authority  if you optimize

8+ proven seo tips for blogger blogspot search engine optimization

Show Only Post title in Blogger

change default title path title and site name or site after title.

Go to Blogger edit HTML > find out code section


and replace it with

<b:if cond= ‘data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;’>

Image optimization in blogger

in new interface of blogger you need to select edit the image, it will ask title and alt title in previous blogger version we need to manually edit the HTML

How to add title and alt tag  to image in blogger

the image should be if you are targeting SEO services in Hyderabad image URL should be SEO services in hyderabad.jpg
alt tag also same

alt tag helps to read your image for google bot

a lot of SEO says

  • unique content
  • content freshness
  • on page optimization
  • social media marketing
  • use bookmarks website to build links
  • submit the link to directories

and blah blah

the above are basic SEO needs but when the time of obeying its very hard and boring like link building from comments, article writing guest posting, URLs form profURLs, wiki links also more powerful.

linking from authority website lie .gov and .edu  and high page rank websites PR 4-9 Now DA above 30
don’t leave blogger platform if you are getting popular other platforms like WordPress offers more customization.

check full details of blogger / BlogSpot tutorials

8+ proven SEO tips for blogger Blogspot search engine optimization

another popular search term

Moving blogger to WordPress without losing single visitor

moving from blogger to WordPress past but now when we want to move blogger to the tool or plugin available that called blogger importer you need to authorize with blogger or google once import your posts from the blogger you may select all or custom types
after importing you need to add 301 redirect which helps to search engine which is permanently
moved to prescribed source.

here another popular search time blogger permalinks not working on WordPress
you need a .php file in wp-content/themes folder blogger.php.
also, you need to create a page with the name called blogger also you need select in template section right sidebar of the editor choose the template that blogger.php.
now your blogger URLs redirect to WordPress URLs whatever you user permalink structure there is also a WordPress plugin available that called permalink redirect this is the best out of permalink finder and others.

if you have any comments and suggestions and what I am missing let me know?

Blogger to WordPress tutorials

Removing /hiding  Quick edit and wrench icons
benefits: get rid of unwanted blogger dynamic URLs and unwanted images without alt tag
to hide blogger pencil body layout unpick pencil icon.
To hide wrench icons place this .quickedit{display:none;} before closing </b:skin>
Hiding CSS may be for SEO
we have to remove the code or making code into the comment.
Removing every time when you add widget not friendly way, so you can hide using CSS simple way.
<b:include name='quickedit'/> delete it make this as comment <!--b:include