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 Blogger/Blogspot tutorials beginners to advanced customizing theme / SEO posting tips. backup /import export, related widgets, email Form sharing buttons etc.
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Blogger tutorials. 

How to create a free blog on or Blogspot platform?

You need just a Gmail you can login blogger dashboard using Create the new blog just title in above the title box. And below blogger/blog spot name your name

 How to make a post in blogger/BlogSpot?

  • After you created a blog you have eager to post something to your blog for this click on create the new post, not the page.  
  • Enter a title below 67 characters because google shows only 67 characters in google search results page.  We need to optimize within the title.
  • In the body section, you have basic HTML version and text mode in compose mode. The best way to write blogger post chooses to compose mode. I have wasted time almost 3 years in HTML by posting songs name and hyperlinks in HTML mode. Also, I did download mp3s renamed mp3 title with my  


Finally what I knew just copy-pasting links works fine on blogger compose mode. After that, I don,t know SEO for past 4 years. Some of the people using keywords title name many times in post they are ranking Well. I started keyword stuffing also I gained some traffic too. But later google disabled on all mp3, uploading downloading streaming content websites due to SOPA Act 2012 why this happened?  Only the reason that mega upload .com which is movie streaming website. If movie released today morning you can watch the next show in mega upload.  They also limited free watching 90 minutes only per a day we have upgraded for the premium watch. They made more money. Finally, he goes arrested. Also, one of the popular websites which are also DID a shutdown. But reborn as a   Where are. We now. 

How to post to blogger blog?

  •  Enter title in title bar write you content in body
  • if you want to link external web pages select click on the button in post editor add your link there are 2 options opens a link new tab window and
  •  rel no follow to the link no follow google will not follow the link and your reputation not decrease.

How to insert an image in Blogger?

  • Just click on the image button blogger post editor menu above.
  • You have four more options upload from PC or from an URL if any website.or your Picasa web albums.

After you uploaded you many also interested to know that.

How to add the alt tag to blogger images?

  • For this, you need to right-click on the image and select properties enter your image title and alt tag.
  • If you want to add the caption for blogger blog spot image just clicks add caption after you click right mouse on the image.

 how to add a video to blogger/BlogSpot? 

  • click video icon and insert it from your PC or YouTube.
  •  After you added all the things you may click publish button.
  • if you want to save a draft for further editing click on save.

How schedule a post in blogger/BlogSpot platform?

Also, you may want to schedule your blog post just click on schedule select your date and time schedule that. 

  How to change the theme in blogger blog spot?

  • For this, you need click template then make sure to back up your theme.
  • Clicking gear icon. If you want to add any custom blogger theme from your PC use upload method that time blogger asks to download your old theme.
  • After you uploaded new theme blogger will ask for keep or delete widgets you have added before.
  • For my recommendation delete, all the widgets add after your new theme updated. Why because widgets does not present in the same location as per your old theme. Because some themes have 4 columns and some 3 columns,
  • If you want to hide title from display on the home page of blog spot blog. Check here to hide title in blogger.

 How to hide or remove navbar in blogger blog spot.

  1. Click on a lay out edit navbar widget check off.
  2. In old blogger interface This very popular because there is no option like above.
  3. We need to add manually display none CSS tag after the navbar by editing HTML template find for navbar section.

How to insert Adsense in blogger blog spot?

  1. Simply click on layout And then widgets scroll down you.  A find Adsense click + button to add blogger recommend best Adsense formats. And then click save.
  2. If you want to add link units presently not working by blogger widgets menu.
  3. You need to click on java script add sense copied from your Adsense dashboard.

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