bluehost Review in india shared hosting limits

I have registered with the blue host in the indian server in 2015. with the package of  year single domain hosting cost

4,068 Rupees. and it has limits like Hostgator
 Limits of Ipage
also, i registered with Ipage which 12 dollars for 1year with unlimited domains host but basic c panel hosted on and No Cron jobs.

  • unable to unzip the zip file also when try to unzip that got internal server error.

Bluehost shared limits in India

100Mb of CPU resource
20 entry process limits run at a time. at Hostgator, 25 process limits and my account suspended due to this on HG
1TB memory but when I am hosting vs 4gb memory enough for me.

I think Bluehost and confluence network joined to run business in India.
when I checked who is hosting this, my Bluehost hosted domain its replied with hosting on confluence network.
confluence network very cheap and offers 0.99 dollars per month with unlimited hosting domains unlimited space I never

page have very silly errors when try to upload database file which is a limit below than 1mb. also, they limited to upload size 1mb.
I am getting the internal server error and opened the ticket with them.
and they replied

Sorry for the inconvenience that has caused you.

You receive this error whenever your account exceedes the MySQL query limit. This is the reason your website is not working. The best way to resolve this is by making necessary changes to the website and making sure that your website will not exceed the query limit. You can also wait for one to two hours so that the query limit will reset and your website will work. However, this may not work in case if your website exceeds the query limits more often.

You can increase the query limit to 150000 queries per hour for $20.00 per month. If you wish to increase the query limit to 150000, please authorize us to charge your credit card for the amount $20.00.

For further queries, feel free to contact us. We are at your service 24×7.


Sapnaz B
Customer Support

but I got package 1 dollar per month on the page.
and the IP is

also tried another Bluehost hosted domain which  who is hosting server replied with hosting on Bluehost and-and is redirected to

only the reason I choose Bluehost because harsh Agarwal recommended on (he recommended but I bought Indian site

also, i opened the ticket for the refund and cancel at Bluehost support.
when try to add the new post in WordPress admin dashboard and getting 503 internal service error.

Hostgator shared hosting limits

  • should not exceed 25% of CPU resources in 90 seconds
  • 25 process limits at a time.
  • memory also 25% of overall.

shared hosting limits by visitors and page-views.

  1. in Bluehost shared server UP to 10000 page views if exceeds your website loads slowly.
  2. when you choosing a host try to ask how much traffic supports by visitors daily.

 bluehost and hostgator are owned by same company hostgator cheaper than bluehost.

in Indian server, HostGator offers single domain 252 rupees for the month and Hostgator 339 per month per 1 year.

better and cheap hostings are network confluence and and other one same owned
which is starts 0.55/month and other 2 companies 0.99.
the above companies support up to you got 2000 Alexa rank in India. or 20,000 Alexa rank in the world.

Bluehost India cloud sites hosting review
I purchased 4Gb Ram and 4cores  but not good as  I am experiencing on google cloud.
4cores and 3.6Gb ram google charges $87-100$ monthly but Bluehost 412 INR.
cloud suites same as shared hosting with Cpanel.

Bluehost India support coontact

incorrect password and email but
Technical Support:
Tech Support URL:
[email protected]  
Sales Contact:
Email Address: [email protected]
Tel No.: +91.18002670667

Billing Contact:
Email Address: [email protected]
Tel No.: +91.2230797780