CDN comparison & integration price cloudflare keycdn, amazon google


Cloudflare CDN integration with WordPress

w3 total cache


I just signup with keycdn free trial as 25GB free traffic 1 month with a credit of 1$.

How to integrate with CDN in WordPress?

You can install a CDN enabler plugin in WordPress by Keycdn. and enter the CDN URL there in the field of CDN URL.

create a pull zone and enter your website url. then CDN URL will be displayed just copy that paste at your WordPress dashboard relative path.

in automize plugin replace on the CDN base URL //

Push one is different we have to upload the content to CDN directly.

We can also integrate CDN with auto optimize and wp super cache and w3 total cache.

Thier CDN costs 0.04$ for 1 GB, but google CDN pricing costs 0.10-0.20$, Akamai CDN Microsoft’s.  Max CDN

Cloudflare offers also free trials but someone needs to call you after filling the contact form.

Two main reasons Use CDN

  1. Increase page speed
  2. Lower the server costs.

let me skip about CDN for images, videos. now I am writing about CDN Deliver for CSS & JS files.

There is JSdevier plugin called in WordPress. deliver free open source platform.

Hosting CSS and js at google drive, drop box and google app engine works for small custom made websites.

CLouflare CDN caching

is CloudFlare cache really working? if we enable CloudFlare caching as 3 options no query string, query string, and standard.

In google page speed insights didn’t display external CSS or js resource. but some time GT Metrix did that.

CloudFlare doesn’t integrate with auto optimize. because the base URL of CloudFlare CDN not identical.  I have test CloudFlare caching again perfectly with another website.

Amazon CloudFront and google cloud CDN are bit costly when compared to other CDN providers.

CloudFlare speed settings>> auto minify js, CSS, HTML check this.

Rocket loader functionality: loads JS automatically.

How to turn off Cloudflare caching?

create a page rule enter your domain as*  wildcard applicable all pages start with.

select bypass cache.

How to enable google CDN?

google Load balancer is must be activated before adding cdn in google cloud compute engine. load balancer also has some pricing.

Combining all external sources into one done by autoptimize rather w3tc.