Google Chromecast review price comparison with Smart tv india

what is chromecast?

It’s a Media streaming device for TV , you can plug it into your HDTV HDMI port and cast from your android or Apple’s iphone or ipod.

OS Supports from Android 2.0 or higher, IOS 7.0 or Higher.

Cast from laptop using chrome Addon (this not works from mobile) .

“Best for Streaming videos,photos, and playing youtube videos from your android mobile”.

look at which apps work with chromecast

  • Youtube
  • dailymotion
  • chrome (not from mobile)
  • google play movies
  • and other 15+ available only us like spotify.

Google Chrome Cast Price In india 2,999/-  available from reliance digital store. (chromecast 2 2015 version)

Its helps to convert old Led tv into smart tv.


  1. HDMI output 1080p Micro-USB for power
  2. WIFI 802.11 b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz/5 GHz)
  3. Dimensions: 52x52x13.49mm and weight 39g

How to use & install chromecast?

  1. Plug into TV HDMI port and use USB to charge chromecast from TV USB Port (if tv has or use separate)
  2. Install chromecast on android or iphone device.
  3. Connect to wifi network same as your mobile phone connected.(if you don’t have wifi router then create wifi hotspot using android mobile too)
  4. open youtube app and click on cast screen icon to play youtube videos.

Chromecast Alternatives

Apple TV,  Roku,  Amazon Fire TV,media streaming players, game consoles and your tablet phones with HDMI port (tablets we can use both ways for tv and our personal).

does Smart TV need chromecast?

As our wish, same features provides both smart and chromecast (maybe streaming from phone doesn’t support old Smart tvs)

look at this discussion chromecast and smart tv

Does chromecast works with HD ready TVs and 4K Ultra HD?

Its works with HD ready. (but your quality is 720px resolution only). but maynot works with UHD because chromecast out HDMI output is 1080p but Ultra hd tv have 1280px resolution.(you may get FHD resolution on 4k)

Here FULLHD(FHD)& UHD (4k) tvs or better resolution. but HD ready output is 720P and chromecast output is 1080p