Dlink wifi router setup & wireless enable all guide


first of all open dlink deafalut ip
or dlinkrouter or dlinkrouter.local

i just ser a passoword after 1 year usage.

becuase opf my open free wifi share. then other users easiy view all the router
broaband ifo

by default you don’t have old password leave it blank and enter new password. but select
the account radio button
router pin


click on modify or delete/rename admin default user name.
bontha 9c99a02ee485
hp 24:77:03:51:0e:78, 247703510e78
srinu 44:91:db:09:93:9c
lnlp d0:df:9a:a0:7e:72. d0df9aa07e72
e0:2c:b2:ce:c9:f0 e02cb2cec9f0


mac filter Allow / block users to wifi

Wireless>>Advanced>>ACL (Access Control List) Set Up: Add mac of your Address First.

modem will reconnect only acess fro your mac Address. but you want to add other clinets mac address manually.

for this wifi rotuer IP address from browser http://192.168.01

on the status page left navigation bar click on Active clients table.

Then you can note mac address along with device computer name.

Set speed limit for other wifi clients with QOS

we can set speed limit Upload and download speed for all wifi clients.
we want to add exception for us.
We can Set speed limit by Address not by mac address. so every clinets ip address changes based on the number clinets to wifi.

ex: if your dorst wifi modem then your ip address will be 192.168.01
192.168.02, 192.168.03, 192.168.04.

My laptop ip address is now 192.168.06
mobile IP adrss is now 192.168.03
another laptop Ip Address  192.168.05 & now it 2
Newly connected 03 another
02 my mobile

Wifi IP Address for clinet device Not changed Eveytime i reconnect it to wifi modem.
So we can set speed limit by Address

IN TIp Link modem we can set it by bandwidth control option.

I have two toehr wifi users with mopbile devices i want control their download speed limit.

make Sure: Firmware (sofware)version varies based on the Old & New wifi routers.

Parental Control blcok / Allow some webites

We can block some sites (facebook,youtube) and Allow users only sites Gmail.com and other site

Blocking Porn websites using Dlink wfi modem

We have’nt idenity every porn website. so we can use some onlje network to identify reported website through mac address.

we can block porn website with browser too. but it limited to browser and users may be chagent it.
Advanced >> URL Block>> by Address / By keyword.

Traffic Control>> Qos Rules>>Add
Protocol: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) you can change your IP Adress by turning off Modem. ( Static Ip Address (not changed we have to configure manually)
Source IP / netmask netmask Remote IP leave it blank.

destination IP / netmaskQOS Rule for speed limit o clinet

what to enter in SOURCE IP & destination IP

entered ISP address & clinet Address as
not worked
also soruce ip as and destination IP not worked

port 80
protocol UDP
UP /Down speed 10kbps. not limited bandwidth for client
Up floor/ceiling
down floor / ceiling
PORT UDP for web and straming
TCP for FTP file transer.

Most of all computers Subnet marsk will be this IP fro LAN.

255 IP Address availble from 192.168.01 to

i want set speed limit for mobile device with IP

SourceIP: dest:

Source IP – This shows the IP address of where the packets are originated from.
Source Port – This shows the port being used to transmit packets to the Dest IP.
Dest IP – This shows the IP address of where the packets are destined to.
Dest Port – This shows the port being used to receive packets from the source IP.