Driving trips bike riding, car diriving (leaners improvement)

Always touch with breaks in traffic area and maintain proper distance.
observing rear mirrors
distance between you and your front vehicle depending upon speed or 2 seconds time.

if 80km maintain 29 meters (93 feets)  distance.
if 32KM/h 4.5 meters or 15 feets.

we automatically opt this depending upon riding experience.
Never trust / depend on others
Don’t get distracted / neglect and lack of awareness,

overtaking instructions
never get yourself inside a vehicle and an offramp(crossing right side).

Brake (front, rear)and clutch

why bike stops after pressing brake

Once you press the clutch the connection between engine and transmission system is gone, and the vehicle starts moving freely.

 once u apply thr clutch the bike will move a bit fast so caution or else try pulling the clutch and the brake to gether it will work great but it will be difficult in the beginning

brake first or clutch first

Clutch stops the power to tires from engine

In case of  Emergency apply brakes 1st and then clutch.

best practice is break first and then clutch to avoid accidents.

Sudden brake tips

press rear and front brakes with small gap Rear 1st  and then clutch to run the engine for further movement.

Pressing clutch 1st for braking all the time causes accidents in the emergency, but in slow speed it helps engine and brake runs for long time.

why engine stalls at braking without pressing clutch?

engine stall and  speed 35-40 km/h

If you see people always pressing the clutch then they are poor drivers.