du battery saver vs 360 security vs battery doctor vs clean master vs greenify

du battery saver vs 360 security

first of all i want to know difference and similarities between 360 security and DU battery saver and DU Speed Booster


Similar features in DU and 36o Security

360 Security Android App features:

  1. 360 Security have Speed Boosting,
  2. Battery saving by stopping power hungry apps.
  3. Antivirus Virus Scan for malware also Checks when you are installing new app,
  4. APP lock for privacy pattern lock,
  5. Anti Theft protection by locking phone remote from 360 security web address we have to register with email id and phone number for SIM change Alerts.
  6. Cleaning junk files, add on
  7. APPS LEO privacy Guard to lock phone using Finger prints.
  8. Space manager: Choose wisely its displays important files to clean.
  9. Duplicate photo match: checks for Duplicate photos i.e similar photos and delete them with user permission manually. A
  10. PP manager: Uninstalls useless apps,
  11. Manages Local APKs,
  12. Phone to SD:also moves apps to SD card manually.

Runs on background App SIZE  33.99 MB,  360 Security memory consumption 19 MB 1 process and 2 Services. Accessibility 4.3MB Total 23MB.360 Security doesn’t running speed engine in background.

Active installs 100Millions to -500Millions for both 360 security and DU Apps.

DU Speed Booster & battery saver features

Battery saver

  1. Phone cooler: Cools your phone my disabling CPU displays temperature, battery percentage and remaining time.
  2. Battery details Charged percent and remaining time in battery life.
  3. Healthy charging ,

Du Speed booster options:

  1. Speed boost by 60%, Cleans junk files up to 850 MB and Game boost upto 50% (same features as 360 security)
  2. APP manager
  3. Trash manger
  4. Antivirus security for virus and trojans
  5. Tests your Internet speed.

Similar features as 360 security.

other products by DU group: Speed booster, battery saver, App locker, DU Tube, DU Browser, Flashlight, emoji keyboard and DU launcher (i will update about Android launchers in new post soon)

  1. DU battery saver 12MB
  2. DU speed booster 5  MB
  3. DU speed booster 11MB
  4. DU speed booster 15 MB

Total 31MB for booster, 12MB for battery saver total 43MB.

How to check High memory Consuming Apps in Android latest version?

  • Just Go for Android Setting and Scroll down for Apps click on that option.
  • You can see all downloaded Apps along with both internal and SD card Apps.
  • You can move manually them between SD to Phone or mobile to SD card without LINK2SD app.
  • Check for Running Services / apps 4th option right side. you can view memory used System, Apps and free memory.

EX: My phone have 2GB RAM.

  • system occupied 0.93GB RAM (with Wifi connection)
  • Apps: 289 MB
  • Free Memory 651 MB,
  • generally almost 450-800 MB always Available in my phone. Total Apps in my phone 185+ (i didn’t use them more frequently)


How to move android System apps to memory card?

First we have to enable SD card as primary storage to write applications to move any application from phone to SD card.

Facebook like system apps doesn;t move to SD card. we can move system apps to SD with route permission only.

Battery Doctor vs Clean master

Update soon