Email Marketing services for your website

Feedburner: Free and old by Google  The Problem is no more customization access the advanced features like MailChimp. We cannot send activation link manually to unconfirmed subscribers. In my Feedburner email subscription list. Only 700 members are active out of 3800, below 25% subscribers, 300 subscribers are active.

we can export the contacts and import to another mail services like MailChimp and Aweber,
Mail chimp: free up to 2000 subscribers,  custom email templates, the variety of email subscription forms.
Integrated with pop-up email services like option monster.

We can send subscription email to the users you have forgotten to activate the email subscription. But there is a limit because of lot of failed attempts to fake emails. For that reason, mail chimp suggested to send emails through Gmail or any other service by using email activation link or form. All we have to do is focus on email building.

segmentation plays the main role.
We can schedule a custom HTML newsletter weekly or daily basis.
We may also use this email form for sending greetings on festivals and other etc..

cons: their terms of service they can stop your account for violation of their Acceptable usage policy. mine got stopped and sticked with Feedburner.
Aweber:  premium and No: 1 service from the start only content marketers with high-profit niche can use this

Get response:

WordPress jetpack subscription:
It’s free Auttomatic Inc created lot if other things along with WordPress software.  I am really confused what to use.

Email list and social media help your blog post engage more within minutes, it indirectly helps for search engine rankings. But now Google rankings are based on poor user experience. So we have to focus these things too along with SEO.

Be sure to check about social media marketing in my next posts.

Email marketing also includes: buying the email list from trusted sources, offline companies use our data not only email addresses our phone numbers too.

Attracting subscribers:  hello bar helps you to get visitors into clients,
We have to provide the free gift or report to the visitors.
Some of the agencies only use email marketing for their sales and services 100 email and 1 conversation. Buying 1000 email list, if the conversation is 1% on weekly scheduled emails. Our ROI ( Return on investment) is back, we can resale the list private or public.

Your niche will affect on Email marketing. ex.  I have used on job news portal conversation very low, focusing non-profit niche is a waste of time.

Below are Feedburner subscription form plugins