Facebook Free basics/ Internet (why we don’t need)


What IS facebook Free basics?

Free Internet Through specific App by facebook.

Limitations of Free basics

  1. We cannot send / view / download over 200KB SiZE videos / images / Email. (You cannot download 4MB Mp3 File, even Not view a youtube video, live cricket).
  2. Our Information Not safe (Facebook uses Info for marketing they said they will ask before they use)
  3. No Netbanking & online shopping because HTTPS doesn’t support.
  4. We cannot View the website Address original because it written by Facebook.
  5. No Javascript Supported (without this all web in text mode).
  6. No Interaction with Website Login /Registration and comment.
  7. Next click on the website or that page Asks Money for that.
  8. Broaband privders hike the plan rates.

Maybe we can pay money for downloading App to telecom future.

what we do with that Free internet.

How facebook free basics violates Internet neutrality?

  1. Free internet is Below 200KB Served by facebook cache for full access we pay money just like below.
  2. Ex: before this Airtel Offered 1 GB free Internet Monthly called airtel free google zone. youcan Acces it by Freezone.google.com. or by visiting Airtelworld.com (viewing images is free but downloading that cost 7INR like that)
  3. from Airtel free google Zone you can access cached version of website by google. if you want to click on the homepage. then you are directly accessing website that makes you charge 1MB for 3 Rupees.
  4. Because All the Telecom Companies Planning To follow this method.

Benefits for Facebook.

  1. USE Personal information In the form of privacy Policy.
  2. Display Ads to make money In future  not now. becuase Their Terms and Services changed anytime.

Internet Neutrality:  we can Access all websites with Same cost. we can acces any website for specific recharge of 1GB data. without this  you have recharged 1GB ok, you need to pay extra money for popular sites like Youtube, FB, twitter and downloading images other sites which mostly used by world or by you.

This App available on Reliance but TRAI ordered Reliance to STOP. “Unitll we approve Diffrenet Price for Different Ccontent by Telecom operates” as said above as internet neutrality or pay for every single element.

Price rates with facebok free basics For FUN:

  1. Downllading 1 Image 2 Rupees for/KB. (we saw this kind of message on early 2005). 50Kb image  (10-20 Rupees)
  2. Watching a video 2 Minutes video about SIZE 10MB (20-50Rupees)
  3. Facebook Access login For 1 Hours (10-30 rupees)
  4. Gmail login checking (5 Rupee for Login)
  5. Sending email 1 email in 100 words 10 Rupees. 200 words 20 rupees.

Like that Internet goes pay per view/

Like Airtel DTH pay per watch movies.

Free internet Stopping lots of business to telecom companies,

  1. we use the Internet for watching news, serials, movies Instead of TV Prepaid recharge.
  2. We use whatss app for sending messages instead of buying SMS packages
  3. We use SKYpe, WhatsApp, facebook video calling instead of recahrging phone balance.
  4. we access free games instead of buying games offline.
  5. We download movies / songs free online instead of buying offline.

Internet is valuable don’t misuse or oversue this. optical fibers will be damage in next few years.

At presnet we buying 300MB 3G data 96 INR By Idea in AP Circle. (So 3 Rupees for 1 MB).


TRAI Announced calling fro votes from Indians  Vote Before december 31st By email. you can send the email to TRAI by visiting http://www.savetheinternet.in/