Freelancer Review

Posting Project Is free: Open for only 7 days, if you want to increase then you have to pay some money but when freelancer accept your project then you can charge the sum of the amount prescribed below.
Before you award a project you can chat with freelancer and assign them.  before that ask you to create milestones (some of the payment for part of work).
Deleting the Project also can charge the fee as same as  project fee.
Tips find a good freelancer:
  1. Read Review first and compare project work and project cost.
  2. look at exams and membership and how long freelancer working through the website.
  3. Ask for the sample of work.
  4. post a contest instead of posting a project to find suitable freelancers.
  5. view employer profile for a freelancer
Note: Some startup companies / individual bidding for high outsourcing other writers with the very low rate. in that case quality of may be loss due to mass written by unskilled authors.
Freelancer fees: for contractor 150 Rupees, or 10% of the price whichever is higher,
Freelancers: 250 INR for 1 project for 10% of the bid whichever is higher.
Credit card fees: Every transaction there is small amount deduction
for 300 INR transaction 18.07 and 321.90 billed on the credit card.
for 1500 INR transaction 1549.50 and 168.45 billed for 150 project fee.
Freelancer fees on hourly rate project:
10% of the amount on every payment made to the freelancer and cc transaction charges.
Very hard for a newbie to get a project awarded by the employer. newbie freelancer has to get a badge for English US Level 1 for writing exam fee includes 300-500INR, for a programmer, HTML & CSS3 and PHP and other etc.
Freelancer Membership plans
For a free freelancer, only 8 bids limited for the month. if you have subscribed for monthly packages starting from 500 INR then you can increase the limit.
  1. Membership plans: Monthly $9.99, for
  2. Free membership only 8 bids allowed for your posted project Support review:
There is online support available through the website.
Other freelancer websites:
  1. ODESK,
  2. Fiverr not good (caption anything for $5),
  3. Iwriter Based on words we have to pay new users we have $3.30 for 500 words. advanced level writers $6.30 may be. once we post the project all the writers write the articles and we have  to accept only one that will be paid only and all other go to scrap.
  4. Elance