Google Account Security Gmail YouTube

Manage all your google accounts like youtube, gmail, blogger, photos, android account change password, add security questions, enable disable 2 step verification, delete your gmail account or youtube account without deleting other accounts on google etc.


ALL about google account Security updated

Transfer /change gmail youtube accounts?

Changing youtube channel Name / username not possible earlier, but by upgrading to google plus you can do it by editing profile name, but username/ channel URL link remain same only display name maybe change.

Change gmail address not possible but we can forward old gmail emails to new one and use new gmail address as primary.


Google account security USB key software


so we need FIDO U2F Security Key devices to use USB key software

we have to ignore it,

you can access directly 2 step process through this link


Adding recovery email to google account

go to and click on security or go directly check then you can see add / change your alternate email address.


Adding the security question to gmail / google?

Go to and check security question if you already added question but forgotten the answer no need to worry you can add new question without answering the old secret question.


Google security / verification codes from SMS / CALL  Switch to app

  1. first of all, download the google authenticator app from play store
  2. and scan QR code with data connection on mobile,
  3. also, you have to install barcode scanner app for your Andriod / ios mobile
  4. How to Add mobile number to gmail google account security
  5. we can add up to 10 mobile numbers to account I had added 4 numbers.

google account security Backup codes

you can generate and print or download to the computer as etxt document.

use once only. only 10 generates at a time.

google account security registering computers

these will register automatically “by clicking don’t ask again on computer radio button”

Turn off / on 2 step factor anytime

just clicking on turn off

to see your account information and delete the account

just click on your profile picture and then press that my account button. and then delete / services button.
THE backup phone number is additional to primary number

access your google account data information at (previously this URL or

password change


Google security question set/ change