google adsense payments wire transfer india EFT bank deductions

Update as on 29/11/2014

Google sent payment of 1054.36USD but received 1045 (9 dollars less) with conversion rate 61.69
1045*61.69=64466.05 Rupees But got 64,127.26/- (339 Rupees less)

Total fees 9*61.9=557.1+339=896.1 INR while comparing to SBI 20*61.9=1238+110=1348

1348(SBI FEE) – 896 (Syndicate fee)=452 Rupees Benefit.

I am getting $20 deducted with Sbi bank every eft Transaction

My last 4 transactions with syndicate they deducted and amount between 500-700 INR but sbi 20 dollars+forex commission(INR 95)+ forex tax (INR25)
Syndicate bank Transactions
  1. 1st payment sent on 22nd 159.67 with exchange rate 159.67*58.21=9294 (Actual amount) -8982 (credited Amount), Fees (-312 INR).
  2. 2nd payment  google sent on 23rd 319.05 exchange rate below 60.05  319.05*60.05=19518 (Actual amount) -18866 (credited Amount), Fees (-652 INR).
  3. 3rd sent on July 22  $820.44 but no conversion rate available payment description but dollar to rupee conversion rate as on July 27th 2014 1 USD = 60.0540 820.44*60.05=49267 (Actual amount) -48744 (credited Amount), Fees (-522 INR).
  4. 4th payment August too late sent on 22nd $569.18 but received 6 dollars deduction   563.18*60.3=33959 (Actual amount) -33636 (credited Amount), Fees (-323 INR)changed to sbi due to delay in credit with syndicate 8 days.
  5. USD 1045.36@61.69LESS CHARGES 64,127.26 Actual payment made by google is 1054.36
with sbi $20 deducting and 95+25=120 INR which is almost around deducting 2,000 INR for every transaction $20+4.
Here I am using nearest branch swift code which is opted from the home branch. syndicate bank also same. I want to edit my sbi swift code to sbi default swift as SBININBBFXD. let’s see again payment deductions.
but this time I am reverting my payment form to syndicate bank. if any fewer payment issues then i use the sbi bank.
 29-01-2015 986.59$ RECD 61.21                60,089.17
 24-12-2014 TT303717062055                       1,17,053.47
 26-11-2014 USD1045.36@61.69              64,127.26
30-08-2014$563.18 RECD 60.333,636.75
25-07-2014fxpc hyd48,744.93
26-06-2014usd319.05at60.05 less charges18,866.10
27-05-2014159.67 $ recd 58.218,982.00

December Actual 1869.15 rate  63.396  1869.15*63.396=118496 may be 1400 less

jan1st google sent $992.59  but synd 986.59*61.21=60389-300 60089 credited,

6 usd less 6*61.21=367.26  367+300=667 when it compared to sbi 20*61.21=1224+100forex=1324
1324-667=657 less,

How to track Google Adsense payments sent by EFT?

There is No choice to Track Swift Payments If you find any service that offers to track swift payment please inform me.

Adsense payments By swift to Syndicate Bank My experience

Last two times I received within 4 days but This August 2014 Not Yet still now 7th day Running Saturday-Sunday Holiday Ok.  4 days already gone to yesterday.

My experience 
bank name Syndicate bank Hyderabad Location That Has swift code but I mentioned nearby Branch. Now I am going to Change to State bank of India From Next Month.
issued date Day jun23rd Monday, July 22 Tuesday, august 22 Friday,
Cleared Date 26 Thursday, 25th Friday, 28th Thurs day Still not received.

Usually, a swift payment takes 3-5 working Days  Monday to Friday 9Am-5pm New York times source Transferwise

Which Bank Gives Highest Conversion Rate In Adsense payments In India?

Lots Of Adsense Publishers mentioned State bank Of India Conversion rate 60.10 for August month with some fees.
worst bank ICICI 59.10 with no conversion fees.

How to solve swift code of the bank for AdSense payment settings in India?

  • Use any nearest branch swift code otherwise, use default code of your bank.

SBI Bank Adsense payments

first 2 months i have used sbi branch code for that i got deducted $25 and forex commission of 105+25. delay in payment

After 2months i changed Swift code from branch to  default sbi SBININBBFXD, The Amount crediting within 1 day, (except sunday)

Ex: last payment sent on 21st July 11.04PM and it credited on 22nd 4PM.


Fees: 8 dollars and forex commission 220inr also we have check for converssion rate.

1911.03  but credited 1902.03

Forex Txn
USD 1902.03 @ 66.4 0111116TP0501008
  1,26,295.00  1,26,323.29
Forex Txn
  50.00  1,26,273.29
Forex Txn
  170.00  1,26,103.29

SBI Amberpet swift code SBININBB316

Sbi Amerpet
Brach code 3605
IFSC SBIN0003605
Swift code SBININBB316  
MICR Code: 500002006

I am going use this SWIFT CODE  SBININBBFXD because my sbi branch has no swift code.

For AdSense new payment settings it’s compulsory need to add bank details

like below

  1. bank name
  2. account holder name
  3. swift code
  4. ifsc code
  5. account number.

the example of swift code

if you don’t have swift code for your branch you need to search for the primary or central bank of it.

SYNB:Bank code
IN:Country Code
BB :Location Code
xxx:Branch Code for the primary.

for example, if you have syndicate bank use  SYNBINBBXXX.

for sbi bank Bank : STATE BANK OF INDIA
SWIFT Code : SBININBBFXD use this 

  • First 4 characters represent bank code.
  • Next, 2 characters represent ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code.
  • Next, 2 characters represent location code. (letters and digits) (passive participant will have “1” in the second character)
  • Last 3 characters represent branch code. These characters are optional. (‘XXX’ for primary office)

Equivalent Codes:

Swift code breakdown:

SYNB:Bank code
IN:Country Code
BB :Location Code
178 :Branch Code

google Adsense payments by cheque no longer available in India. all we need to enable EFT bank wire transfer.

I got this email snippet not full.

We’d like to let you know about important upcoming changes affecting
your payment options.

As you may have heard, we’re currently rolling out improvements to the
Payments page in Adsense. The upgrades are designed to provide you with
a better, faster payments experience, and your account will be upgraded

They are upgrading their payment system they are not supporting by checks upgrading bank wire transfer like info links.

this is under process affects in future months may be next or within 3 months.

Bank wire transfer can take 3-5 business days. if your payment issued on 26th April of this month  you will get money in the bank account with 1st of next month May 1st, 2014.

all you need to self-hold your payments and wait to upgrade AdSense payment method by google.

list of eft available countries by Adsense payment eft.

check more info about this.

How to enable bank wire transfer in AdSense payment settings? 

  • Go to payment settings edit check payment  add bank details.
but above

Adsense payments SWIFT & HDFC Bank


I want switch from SBIto HDFC because they are not offering any loan because its public sector bank so no one care about business like Private banks.


HDFC Swift Code: