Google Algorithm updates

Doorway page Algorithm

Doorway pages dangerous for micro niche websites. due to same keywords every same post title(that are partially matched).

if you running a scholarship website of 10more states.
state 1 scholarship scheme, state 2 scholarship, state3 scholarship

those above are doorway pages. Actually doorway page sending users to main page by having child posts like same services in different places, personal services city1, personal services city 2,
if confused post comment.

Mobile Friendly algorithm  
Actually 70% of users using internet from the mobile device only. so we have to more focus on mobile rather than desktop.
making a mobile friendly website:

having a mobile website or responsive web design or the separate template for a mobile website by using wp touch pro plugin in WordPress or jetpack mobile template plugin.

Also influence desktop results too.
(targeted for bad link profiles but also mix some quality signal to it when a major update rolls).
niche website got up keyword stuffed website down.
Panda  panda is now manual action to protect quality websites.

other parts manual Actions

Thin content
if you received thin content penalty that means your wholly website treat as the bullshit it very hard to get back. you may want to know about fixing thin content penalty or panda.

  • Doorway, scraped, affiliate sites with rel Nofollow, websites with without text in case embedding videos.
Unnatural links to website
you can fix this removing links or even easy by uploading links to webmaster tools with the help of disavow tool.
Above fold (page layout algorithm)
Too many ads in above fold slightly decrease your traffic. maintain ads vs content ratio 50:50 or 30:30.
having ad after 1st paragraph better than the below post title.also left floated ad below post title may harm your traffic but didn’t prove.
2 Ads at above fold better (even recommended), 3 ads  may not be optimum.
These above algorithms most important  than others.
google covered
  1. On page spam keyword stuffing (panda)
  2. Off page link spams (penguin)
  3. Evaluated high-quality pages by pushing Aribatege website made for ads (page layout Algorithm)
  4. Mobile friendly websites by having mobile friendly algorithm
  5. Fast web by google speed insights.
  6. Reduced ranking of spam websites by announcing SSL a ranking factor.
  7. User-friendly personal results depending upon location, CTR, bounce rate.
There may be 30% human editors involvement in evaluating quality results after an algorithm rolled up by google forums. 
Myth: Not focus on google traffic rather than your website improvement. Don’t create websites for google unless you are an expert.