google cloud Review pricing tutorials

Digital ocean vs Google cloud pricing


Google cloud products


  1. Compute Engine
  2. App Engine
  3. BigQuery
  4. Cloud Storage
  5. Cloud Bigtable
  6. Cloud Dataproc
Here I writing only about Compute engine.
2 Cores CPU  $20
Google  2.53 GHZ  $38.84  but Preemptible price  10.95$
I got charged over $100  and $300 credit balance automatically reduced by billing.
  • Compute Engine Standard Intel N1 1 VCPU running in Americas: 359.117 Hours  $17.96
  • Compute Engine High CPU Intel N1 4 VCPU running in APAC: 383.933 Hours  $64.50
  • 4 Vcpu @2.50GHZ 3.60GB Memory   384/24 = 16 days only got billed $64.50
  • monthly pricing for 4cpu 3.60 RAM VM $85.84  Preemptible price  24.95$
 Other charges by google cloud.
  1. bandwidth,
  2. storage,
  3. Network Internet Egress
  4. Load balancing
  5. network operations
  6. every other serivce you charged separately on the monthly bill along with VM machine rent.
Google cloud platform Advanced and fully customizable and the price is according to their service quality.
You can host WordPress at cheap host $5 month with shared vcpu single core.
My case i am just learning with google cloud platform. same thing sharing here.

Hosting WordPress on google cloud

We can install it directly from google launcher app>> WordPress install it.

But the traditional way to install lamp on Google cloud and then install the WordPress from Linux command line.


Root password disabled for google cloud. you can only login by SSH client putty or WinSCP, google cloud SDK tool. or directly from command line from the browser.

You can reserve a static IP address by clicking ephemeral IP address type on the VM instance.

 – Create a project in Google Cloud.
– Install WordPress.
– Fill out a Deployment form, noting down your WordPress credentials.
– Enjoy your new WordPress site! an IP Address to Point Name servers
Management, disk, networking, access & security options, and select Networking

Google Compute engine

Create project>> API Manager > Library>> Google Cloud APIs section>> Cloud Deployment Manager API.>>cloud launcher>>wordpress>>
Migrating WordPress

After installation use WordPress Export/Import data as XML which includes posts, pages, comments,

for the theme, you have to use SSH


Autoscaling In google cloud Load balancing:

If server load is high we can use resources from other instances (Instance means virtual machine with some CPU memory limits)
Flexible to upgrade downgrade CPU resource within minutes:
On my trial plan, i choose 4cpu and 3.68 memory this VM fall under high CPU category. again downgraded to 2CPU and 7.56GB memory standard.
  1. High CPU
  2. High Memory
  3. Standard Resources
virtual machines available at google cloud. you can see with pricing based Location of the server.
US, Asia, Europe, and another zone.