Google SEO Guidelines (Case Study)

Here you can find the difference between Optimizing for google and penalizing by google.

Focus on being not penalized by google. if you are rank in google. forget google being focus on your customers or users but don’t forget to optimize for google basic guidelines.

  • Don’t overuse WordPress tags and SEO search term tagging 2 plugin
  • Don’t post keywords as tags in WordPress.
  • Keyword stuffing (you have to kept Article looks like naturally for humans) No hidden words.
  • Maintain the content Ads ratio.

Does Article length matter?

Article length matters but Google not reserved content length limit. too short too length also treat thin.

does short content treat as low quality?

it depends on the overall quality of website.

Adword policy

Panda for Onpage SEO
penguin for off page SEO violations links
hummingbird for user experience for smallquestions.

we can look at Google manual penalties:

  1. Above Fold Content: unable to find the reason.
  2. Thin content notice by email from google if not penalized Algorithmic change.
Thin content

Finding thin content no so easy it may be caused by
  1. Do follow Affiliate links (Add rel no follow Attribute to Affiliate links),
  2. Keyword stuffing may be, but it  is in the separate category in Google manual penalties.
  3. Scraped content or rewritten spun content big thing
  4. Doorway pages  (All pages looks same expect single word locational services).
  5. embed Video sites with no text also treat as low-quality sites.
  6. Rewritten by hand from other sources also treats as thin content.
  7. Ads vs content ratio (top heavy Ads.)  More about Pandas thin content on Moz
Mostly thin content penalty puts on Indian jobs and exam results websites. 
How to know which update hit your website

A tool Algo sleuth helps you find by integrating with Google analytics. Also, we can check for traffic drop on google analytics.
3rd one google shows update in webmaster tools when you click on the index status of your website.

Getting recover from bad links very because there is disavow tool.

Above Fold Ads Penalty: look here threads on GWT forum.

it’s about prioritizing the above fold content look at feed the bot

30th January 2015 one my blog may be hit by above fold Algorithm.

vulnerability of that website;

  • internal links one page has 20 and other average 4-5,
  • Above fold ads added for
  • 301 redirection failed some technical reason for new domain 10 days old from the blogger blog.
  • DNS changed by caching with CloudFlare (when you use CloudFlare caching DNS IP address changes automatically) but this is not reason,
  • may be the perfect reason removed / hidden all comments from blog count 108, 78, 30 excessive comments to load blog fast.
asked in google webmaster forum no one replied. Finally, I received a message after 1 day that is thin content.
Top Heavy /Above fold / page layout Algorithm on

So we can measure it by browser tool in google Analytics located at in page Analytics.

I will be back with another query soon….

Again 3 websites with same theme ad layout treated as thin content?
march 1st 2015
Shallow pages are pages that more or less describe or define what their title already says.

will reducing ads lift the penalty?

I have got thin content penalty previously other domain removed all ads, but still it violates?

does writing guidelines / opinion / experience  about  some topic treat as thin content?

other websites of  mine with the same theme / same ad layout not detected by the algorithm why?

other 3 websites of me not detected

1. is small ad unit instead of the large rectangle below post/ above fold  without header
2nd one have middle of the  content instead of beginning without header
3rd one same ad layout as penalized domains but have header in the theme

Does google algorithm penalizes high performing website only?

penalized 2 domains had 7k (3-year old), 3k page views daily and another 50-100 pageviews but 9 months old

Google doesn’t penalize old domains when comparing to new domains?

MattCutts explained  doorway pages are written to rank for a particular phrase and then funnel users to a single destination. Whether deployed across many domains or established within one domain.
I had not created that pages because that’s simple information website.
Shallow pages are pages that more or less describe or define what their title already says.
no need to write that kind of posts unless its have an affiliate website.
My content not scraped from anywhere and not an affiliate website.