GSA Search Engine Ranker review & comparison Tutorials


Cost: $99 with Affiliate link $84 life Updates free no annual fees existed since 2012.

Demo version Available with 300 submission for a day 5 days usable.

Similar software; Scrapebox, Xrumer, Xenuke X,



  1. Blocked IP address from google We can use Proxies but not effective. (problem is too old protection by google) SEO Quake also sends some queries to google. that’s the reason we face captcha entry for google search sometimes.
  2. Unable Filter the  websites before we build links from Those like Page rank & OBL Outbound links.
  3. May does not build links our specific imported link list Display error message as No search engine matches.
  4. Proxies, Captcha services, and Indexing service are expensive but these are common with every software.
  5. we can’t filter domain Authority EDU & gov category.
  6. Google can penalize with Penguin algorithm.


  1. Integrate with captcha services
  2. integrate with Ping & Premium Indexer services.
  3. You can search & Filter URLS based On PA Page rank and Export Them.
  4. Display URL Indexable or Not DO Follow /No follow and Page Rank Inbound, outbound links of the page.
  5. Automatically register & verifies account for you with POP3 email  Live mail prefer instead of Gmail.
  6. we cannot build links based on page rank,
  7. You can Schedule & Pause GSA SER some seconds like 8400 or some links 50.
  8. we can check Submitted & GSA verified list.
  9. Import your competitor backlinks and build it yours. If you have any list you can import it but it includes other links too by searching relevant websites. you may deselect categories to search.
  10. Able to search related websites using keywords and build comments from those.
  11. Unlimited projects: each URL/ Website count as 1 project.

Other Services you must include

  1. Proxies
  2. Indexing services
  3. de captcha services
  4. PC / VPS Server to host virtually on the website.

GSA SER Tutorials & TIPS:

Options: Filter Rules:

  1. You can filter the list from PR 1 to PR9 to post your link.
  2. Out Bond Links too.
  3. Types of links to create.

Settings: data

  1. check /uncheck USE verified links from other projects too.

ProjectModify global project:

Global project applies for All URl’s /projects in GSA,

Search engine selection Country targeted search engine performs well to find related niche but it blocks quickly because queries to send to 1 search engines there 200+SE’s based on countries and global SE’s like

if you want to build the link from more related niches then select at least 1 keyword included in the referring page.

How to Improve GSA work?

think about how many links per Minute (LPM) can GSA Build. To improve this

  1. Submit links verified list,
  2. choose best SE to harvest links
  3. Private & fast proxies & Decaptcha indexer.
  4. Set High timeout.

ex: GSA LPM 1500 links per minute.

Tips: if you build links fast you have to consume the same velocity otherwise you may catch by GUpdate.

Make sure to filter PA and OBL Outbondlinkss (most important). Next tip: neglect google. build links in 3 tiers.

GSA Video tutorials 2016.

Build Links from

  1. Article directories
  2. document sharing
  3. Wiki sites
  4. web 2.0
  5. Forum profiles
  6. Social bookmarking
  7. General blogs
  8. Blog comments
  9. URL Shorteners
  10. Trackbacks
  11. video promotion for videos (adult too)
  12. URL redirect referrer
  13. Directory submission
  14. RSS Directories

Increase LPM in GSA

  • Skip bing and MSN search engines no Google penalties apply for other SE results
  • Analyze successful submissions by engines /platforms
  • Options >>Advanced >>tools >>>stats >>verified /successful submissions
  • and then deselect low success rate engines.
  • use global list for every project submitted & verified only
    Remove duplicate domains from global list.
  • Save submitted & verified links as global list,
  • proxies semi-dedicated more speed.

The Number of keywords. If the less keywords SER use only footprints like scrape box. Also make sure to check use keywords find target URLs in project option

Higher amount of projects means higher lpm

Threads increase GSA performance

Captcha service GSA & other

using self-created verified list.


email required engines:

blog comment drupal 7 rocketer
* use keywords as anchor instead of single anchor
analyze competitor backlinks and post
Importing other URLs and identify save as new file.

selecting categories ask user / skip / select random

deselect all engine to build links from target URLs.

importing target URLs global project (all verified/ submitted / identified / failed links)

video id

click on projects>>stats>>sybmitted links today>> export to CSV
select search engine by country

scraper URLs like sb
Add custom footprints
AddURLs online by crawling website or import from file.

= submitting

= verification

= searching for new targets

= something is wrong (not used for now)
import target URLs from global site list at once for all projects
then try use site list type and set that to.
identified: 1
submitted: 2
verified: 4
failed: 8
skip adding: 16

You can add the values to use more (e.g. submitted + verified = 1 +2 = 3)

Scrape Proxies:Options>>submissions>>USE proxies
set queries time to search engines
disable banned proxies

No engines matches: GSA Unable to identify the platform of the website.
already parsed: submitted
HTML timeout increase 30-120
not from all: not punt found on target URL
best tut

Adding footprints to GSA & Scraping URLS

Options>>Advanced>>tools>>Search online for foot prints>>add predifed foot prints
Make sure your Target URL Cache is cleared

– Highlight all of your projects

– Right-click the selection, then select Modify Project, and click Delete Target URL Cache

Linking from only EDU & gov domains
Open your project, go to options and scroll down until you find “Skip sites with the following words in the URL/Domain. Check that option, then look to the right and you’ll see a button called “Create Domain Filter” click that and choose “Must Have Filter” – then choose .gov, .edu from the list of domain extensions.
– See more at:

GSA Search Engine Ranker Best Practices Guide – Set Up Your GSA SER today!

harvest competitor backlinks
Import existing back links for
Tier 2 project

 GSA SER Comparison

Scrapebox price 97$ Instead of 197$, Same features like GSA but it scrapes fast very popular in the can scrape links by footprints post comments, mass link building, search engine harvester link, checker, harvest &USE free proxies. manual blog poster like comment blaster and removes duplicates like GSA.

XENUKE X SCR: builds tier 1links very fat with a verified list but unable to scraper links like scrape box and GSA. higher price. 14 day free trial available Monthly subscription $147 worst thing.

Magic submitter: best for web2.o 1/3 price of Xenuke.  Ultimate demon: posts to multi platforms but you have to import the list. NO hands SEO: only automates trackbacks wbe2.0 likeGSA. Xrumer (14day free trail available very popular Automated proxies and de captcha but it difficult to understand same features like GSA SER.


GSA Cleanup maintenance

Its almost 6 Months completed with GSA SER and Scrapebox. (Scrape box not much used to because of manual process). But SER Daily I run to build 1000 to 1500 links for 29 Projects/ Websites.

But No improvement in ranking. also i am not enough smart to use the tool and so lazy.

Clearings Site list (Global list)

Options>>Adavacned tab>> Sitelist>>Tools>> Remove Duplicates>>>>


Tools>>cleanup/removenot working urls