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    cloud hosting price comparison & top providers





    n2 standard vm


    t2.xlarge reserved vm

    digital oceanBluehost cloudcloudwaysLinoode
    RAM  15 GB 16Gb 8GB 8GB 8GB 8GB
    vCPU cores & speed 4 CPU @2.5GHZ[email protected] 4vCPU 4vCPU 4vCPu 4vCPU
    Storage 10GB SSD Price @ 1.7$ per mont pergb price 80GB SSD 120 GB 80Gb 96GB
    Data Transfer 1GB [email protected] same 5 TB 2TB 5TB 4TB
    Price $104 $109.62 $80 $40 $130 $40


    top 10 cloud hosting providers


    Checking company history reviews helpful rather than pricing.

    my advice is, go with the digital ocean for mid-development & small business companies. if you want to spend &100 hosting, for large companies recommend google cloud and amazon if the hosting budget is $$$$ in the month.

    All are unmanaged cloud hosting services except Cloudways.

    I don’t know kinsta cloud hosting powered by google cloud.

    Check out my experience with google cloud.

    Note Auto scaling & load balancing charges separately.

    KIntsta Hosting price: it’s a managed WordPress hosting company 100$ like wp engine 5gb SSD, 50GB Bandwidth.

    check out WordPress managed host details also GoDaddy hosting review. shared hosting, VPS hosting.

    hosting comparison

    Hostgator; 0.01$ for 1st month only (1penny coupon),

  1. Bluehost; 3.95$ only 1 website, 5.95$ for multiple websites on 36months contract.
  2. Siteground; Go geek, big (10,25k visits),
  3. Dreamhost: $8 for month 1 year.
  4. Hosting Raja, 99,200, 300 plans for 3 years, 1 year it cost 240 excluding tax, 14% 3400, Android app 2800= 1 month 220 like that, 10 websites, Ram
  5. Fastweb host: 200INR 200*6months 1200 including taxes 14% on total bill host 5+1 domains, 2400/annum 300/unlimited 100/1web.
  6. Hostpapa;
  7. Leapswitch;  275 for month for 5 websites
  8. Microhost: 1gbram 1 domain 840,  200/m 3 websites, 300/m unlimited websites 3600/month.WordPress: 1 web,  3 web, 201 unlimited;300 Linux: 1 web 95,  3 web 165, unlimited;230.Godaddy: 150/m, 350/m 1 domain annual plan managed hosting  300/m deluxe unlimited websites, 500 2, sites, 800 5 websites,
  9. Godaddy: 150/m, 350/m 1 domain annual plan managed hosting. 300/m deluxe unlimited websites, 500 2, sites, 800 5 websites,
  10. 1and 1 800INR /12M  , 1$ 20 dbs,5$ sitelock unlimited,10$ Sitelock,SSL 2gb guaranteed ram. Not mentioned websites limit. Lots of bad reviews there online.Managed wp; 1$ 1 website unlimited, visitors, $5 5 websites, 10$ unlimited websites,
  11. Ipage, unlimited websites but limited resources, no cpanel, vdesk 1.85$ month.
  12. Hostgator India 222 unlimited websites@ 5 years, single 355, 455 for baby plan, 675 SSL 7 dedicated Professional.
  13. Hostsmart, 60 1 web, 90 4web, 240 10 websites,


  1. Godaddy managed deluxe 300*12=3600 (single website)
  2. Godaddy starter 99 or 150*12= 1800 (single website)
  3. Hosting raja 240*12 =2880+domain (320) + taxes (14.5%) = 3000
  4. Faswebhost 200 *12= 2400 +taxes 14.5%  = 2400+360=2760
  5. One & one hosting : $11.98 for single domain managed: 800INR (promo)
  6. WordPress hosting single domain  840INR promo

All of the webites are not so poplular.

All the plans are promotional one year based plans. for renewal price will be double.


let calculate money I spent on hosting for the year.

3600+1800+3000+2760+800+840= 12,800/-

Instead, of lot shared hosting accounts why don’t I buy a VPS plan (you may think about this)

Few years ago, I bought a VPS plan includes 2 GB RAM 4 CPU cores with 5 websites. one of the website PHP Cron job slowing the server. that VPS COST 3600 for a month. continued for 6 months. changed my idea to host on different servers. Cpanel cost $10 /month  look at Cpanel alteratives

Actually,  I didn’t notice my hosting expenditure until I reviewed here.

realized we can get shared hosting for the single domain for 1 year 99/m, up to 5 200INR for unlimited 300INR per month.Some of the cheap hosting providers only target business website they even don’t have Cpanel, they offer very cheap 0.01$ for 1st month and renew automatically by using credit card $5-10 dollars monthly.

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