how to add any search engine to chrome wikipedia youtube amazon voice etc

how to add any search engine to chrome wikipedia youtube amazon voice

In Mozilla Firefox this facility available but if you want default search engine as wikipedia what about google there is a option to switch in firefox by selecting search engine right sidebar of address bar.
if we added search engines to chrome ok but what about switching among them. here is solution not exactly but better i think.

how to add wikipedia search to chrome

if you added as search engine by replacing google chrome/setting manage search engines add wikipedia doesn’t correct way.

here is chrome extension which fulfill you needs wikipedia chrome extension which is Right-Click Search Wikipedia.

This extension is super lightweight and simple to use following this three step process:
1) Highlight some text
2) Right-click
3) Select “Search Wikipedia…”
Opens the search in a new tab.

also another plugin available which is  wikipedia search  which open source hosted on github.

image preview here

how to add any search engine to chrome 

simply search for extension like youtube or Amazon search extension for chrome find and install it on chrome.

  • add amazon search to chrome
  • add voice search to chrome
  • add youtube search to chrome
for above three topics voice amazon youtube if you want now just ask me i will do it for you. why this posted because i just migrated to mozilla to chrome there is option but not here.
also check mozilla vs chrome things you don’t know