How to avoid baldness hair loss on head

know some interested facts about hair loss, male pattern baldness. androgenic hair loss.

Hair  restoration methods:

  1. Hair transplantation (works only you have totally bald surgery)
  2. Rogaine minoxidil 5% in India genric brand Mintop Topical solution
  3. Propecia finasteride 1 mg per day only tablet.
Rogaine minoxidil helps to blood flow to the scalp by enlarging blood vessels, it’s a vasodilator.
Propecia Prevents Male hormone to stop Male pattern hair loss. Male hormone testosterone combines with hydrogen and it forms DHT. Propecia blocks DHT. it kills hair follicles.
Herbs to block DHT Saw Palmetto, Ashwagandha and Rhodiola, Pumpkin Seed Oil,  B-Complex vitamins,  Omega-3 fatty acids, Zinc.
Saw Palmetto is an herb that’s been shown to block DHT. Supplement with 1500mg per day
Both rogaine and Propecia have the side effect for details read this Articles rogaine review, Propecia review

You have to take action when your hair thinning.

Hair growth stages cycle:

Why do men go bald while females don’t?

Simple hair loss causes by Male hormone(DHT) I mentioned above.its not produce in the female body.

Why does hair not lose at upper ears and neck?

Because every day while we are eating, taking these muscle works blood flows to that muscle. so blood feeds with proteins, vitamins, minerals to the follicles.

Combine use of Propecia(finasteride 1mg) rogaine (minoxidil 5%)

For quick results doctors recommend these two products at a time. I guess there is no interaction with these 2 products. while some individual side effects may occur.

NOTE: it;s not a permanent solution of using these 2 products. these not cures the issue, but treats, if you stopped taking the medicine hair loss continues, 

Nutrition required.

Vitamin A& C (A helps secretion of sebum[oily matter on the head] and c Helps to increase blood flow to the scalp)

Source of this nutrients: vitamin A sweet potatoes, pumpkin and vitamin C fruits like lemon, orange


It necessary for 300+ biochemical reactions in our body in daily life.

Almonds, brown rice.

helps to productions of selenoproteins( these participate in metabolism, immunity, reproduction) stimulates hair follicles,


Help to blood flow to head by helping hemoglobin in the blood. doctors found after treatment of anemia(low iron) results increase hair growth.

whole grains, Dark green leafs, egg yolks, beans, sugar cane end product except sugar,


Our body build with Proteins (hail also),

proteins available in wide sources of food egg, chicken, peas, beans,

Zinc: regulates hormones especially testosterone which is linked to hair loss, 11micro rams of zinc we need daily, Available from chickpeas, beef, wheat germ,

Omega 3 fatty Acids

helps to nourish the hair, elasticity of hair from preventing dryness after bath.

Flaxseed Oil, tuna fish, All foods which are available from sea.

Reference: business insider,

Someone on click bank selling above information for $39, After watching 30 minutes of video I realized. he regained his baldness within 28days as per sales page.

what he said is “testosterone and 5AR linked to kill hair follicles all we have to do is decrease AR, The testosterone level in blood. But testosterone helps to sex desires.  his story here on a sales page..

DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) Steroid, Testosterone, and 5AR.

As the age increases Testosterone Hormone level increases then 5 Alpha reductase enzyme convert Testosterone to Di Hydro Testosterone (DHT), Then DHT kills our hair follicles according to above sales page.
For stopping 5AR Enzyme, we need combination of natural foods or supplements.

Rogaine & Propecia

Rogaine is a cream we have to apply on head daily twice in the affected area. its formally known as Minoxidil is a medicine for heart disease, coincidentally it helping for hair regrowth,
side effects hairs on forehead and unwanted area, at least 3 months consumption is required results not fast may not appear. you can look at Rogaine reviews.

wiki how considered to use nutrition supplements with the permission of the medical practitioner. Also mentioned types of hair losses, daily hair loss count 80-150(but it’s may not) read more on wikihow.

Hair Transplantation

They not Cover all the fully as it before, removes hair follicles from back side of the head and attach in the affected area. Operation takes average 5 hours also they mention hair follicles count once they offering before.

watch hair transplantation video on youtube. They use needles to hole and fill the hair in follicle glands.

side effects: itching, I guess WWE dean ambrose has hair transplant head.

Hair anatomy

Head contains 1,25,000/- to 1.50,000 hair glands.
90% of our head hair recycle within 2-4 years.

Stress impact on hair loss
 stress can cause hair loss.

How hair oil helps hair?

it nourishes the hair and hair follicles. USE international Orgonic Shampoos.