how to brush teeth properly

Most of the People don’t know how to brush teeth properly

1.brush your teeth not less than 2 minutes
2. First brush your teeth on backside of your which parts not easy to cover.
3. Back side top bottom left right and plAce your brush 45” degrees angle and brush your front teeth.  

Use fluoride  mouthwash. Fluoride toothpaste which can help for strong teeth protection from cavity and decay  also strong enamel to reduce toothache.brush your teeth twice a day morning and night before sleep. 

Brushing is great but note enough for oral dental care to remove plaque on teeth yellow bacteria on your teeth which an makes your gums teeth unnatural. Teeth early decay cause toothache. Don’t eat too much sugar foods. Eat apples And melons after eating food. Which can help bacteria away naturally.lets talk about gums diseases caused by these bacteria plaque. This bacteria not visible until you take A disclosing tablets to see how much the bacteria press t I your mouth. 

Mostly bacteria lives i your  tongue  after brushing gently rub with brush on your tongue if your mouth releases bad smell don’t neglect it’s a early symptom of tooth decay and gums recession. When plaque grows among your teeth and gums the relation between gum teeth loose slowly because bacteria prevents gums healthy which cause gums rescission this is first stage.2nd stage gap between side tooth 3rd stage teeth pull down from its early stage. 

This stage you may consulta doctor probably I think.some of methods I heard to remove plaque and yellowish teeth becomes white use smoker toothpaste close up tooth paste available for smokers who smoke daily. Use baking soda as toothpaste weekly once which oxidize with yellowish ness makes your teeth stronger but use with caution because its cause tooth cache and eats your gums if you over brush more than 2 minutes and don’swallow this and fluoride toothpaste also. Visit dentist at lest twice a year. If your teeth area early decay dentist can help you to fill up holes with cement it’s may be calcium carbonate to prevent whole teeth decay.after this treatment don’t eat meat for 7 days may be you loose your coating to wholed tooth. 

If you want to eat don’t use your teeth if possible or eat slowly. And major thing don’t brush your on treated cement added tooth too rough. Keep change your brush after 3 months because bacteria spreads on your tooth brush.i will update later.

There is video watch this

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14 steps to brush your teeth