how to deal with domestic violence in india

how to deal / handle/ report / stop / prove / Prevent domestic violence in india.

Domestic Violence Act 2005 India.

  1. This Act Applicable All states in india Except Jammu & Kashmir.
  2. This a Civil Act your Husband Not punished by Police.

What is domestic violence comes under this Act?

  1. Habitually Harassment physically and Mentally
  2. Sexual Harassment  and other etc.

How to deal with domestic violence?

  • We have to contact District Magistrate directly or nearest police station they advises to go mengistae and gives further details like security officers.
  • Security officers are police officers with ICD, SP, and RTO.
how to deal with domestic violence in india

What magistrate will do?

  1. Counselling those couple.
  2. Prepared Good behaviour bond to resist continuing violence also asks Husband Money /Profit as a Bond
If husband fails in stopping that violence then it comes under criminal Act police may do something.

Difference between  DOWRY PROHIBITION,  Domestic violence Act?
  1. Dowry Prohibition Act is a criminal, Domestic violence Act is Civil.
  2. If you want punish your Husband You need to write FIR under 498 A. and it;s have withdraw option. 
  3. If in women Died with in 7 years of marriage and if you filed under dowry act 304 B then the husband and his parents, relative need to prove that the death not related dowry.
  4. IPC 306 Section convey death by by dowry related issues.
Disclaimer: This short note prepared for some one who looking for how to deal with domestic violence in india like me. this information collected from  some resources from below. Above information may not correct especially about IPC Act. I am not Lawyer to know much more about IPc section and other Laws.
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