How to fix Thin content google manual Action (case study)

thin content penalty, how to avoid duplicate content in WordPress, the duplicate content cure.

Google Manual penalty about low-quality thing content with No Added value

I think All google Manual Actions made by Humans, All thin content cleaned by panda in case if you’ve missed or running old content with the new domain you may catch after when your traffic blasts.


  1. Overuse of tags in WordPress
  2. for An Affiliate website forgot to add rel Nofollow Attribute.
  3. And Below some information
  4. Keyword stuffed content
  5. Grammar mistake poor readability.
  6. Bounce rate high
  7. CTR In Google SERPS
keyword stuffing not considered as the thin or low-quality category.There are 11 separate labels for google manual Actions.
Case study of thin content penalty

  • 1st time hit on jobs websites due to theme layout which display tags beginning of posts looks as keyword stuffing.
  • changed domain that got oneday20k visits and reverted to the same theme which is penalized previously. again penalized. also, there is a rewritten content cleaned all. sent for the reconsideration request not lifted the penalty.
  • Again added the new domain with the new theme still not detected because it’slower than 1k page views per day.
  • Some sites with Little content about 150-200 words on each page with high authority not getting penalize.
  • Content Need to satisfy a User.

Find Thin Low-quality web pages using google Analytics

  1. For this Login to google analytics and use this path Go to Content > Site Content > Content Drilldown.
  2. review your pages with low Visit for the time at least 90 days to 1 year.
  3. Edit  Posts with No Traffic and update with the latest information, delete unnecessary posts from your website. to clean your website.

Google Analyzes significant percentages of Low-quality pages before they send the email about google manual Actions.

Screaming frog spider is the best way to identify the Thin content recommended by many bloggers. but i never used it because in shared server my website getting 503 unreachable and other server errors.

How to identify low-quality content

Do search on google as sometimes you may not find low-quality pages by google because they remove before you take action to protect their users..

Note: quality page index first, low-quality pages may be last. but you have to notice google

  1. search Results counts
  2. Actual indexing results
  3. results omitted

In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the NUMBER OF RESULTS already displayed.
If you like, you can repeat the search with the omitted results included.

Ads above fold Algorithm (you have to ignore this)

Another BlogSpot blog performing well in google I enabled custom domain within 10days traffic increased and finally got thin content may be due to above fold ads 1250*90 above header, 2,728*15 link below navigation and 336*280 below the post title. the sidebar may be 200*90 link unit.

Reported to default Blogspot traffic rank wide stabilized within 18hours. using penalized domain created a new blog and written 5+ articles without ads sent for consideration but still that violates as per google.

But After 1 month 3/1/2015, 3 blogs with the same theme penalized by thin content may be due to ads above the fold 8kpageviews 3 k page views daily and 100-page views blog.

there is no different in layout, but 3 websites belong to the different niche. other 3+ websites using the same theme but some differences are there.but 1 blog have the same theme and ad layout but that not penalized. sure it penalizes in future within 2 months.

  • Now I am trying to add about, contact, privacy, disclaimer, sitemap pages to that blogs.

Tried asking on webmaster forum no one helped me. want to consult SEO agency but I do not trust them.

Applying for reconsideration?

manual penalty iterates by the algorithm and google executive checks after his superior verify and confirms it’s a violation of google.

some of the people lifted their manual penalty by policy asking google addressing the issue solving them. by showing 3+ high-quality articles.

How to recovery from the Thin content issue?

  1. 1.check for all metrics listed below including keyword stuffed pages.
  2. I have read the same issue on forum but an affiliate site.
  3. Apart from that forum someone suggested to don’t love your domain or URL, don’t rely on google needs to diversify.if you unable to fix you may change the site URL but again you penalize until the issue fixes.(but only when human editors or Automated algorithm update caught.
websites with short content
pagination tags split the article into multiple pages. ( and
Some government websites
Image websites
some forum websites too