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Types of viruses malware tips to get rid of them Ransomware. Know about some kind of virus and how to get rid them with this simple tips.

Types of Viruses

  1. Adware
  2. browser locker
  3. System locker
  4. Keylogger software
  5. Trojan
  6. spyware
  7. shortcut virus (while ago from pen drives)
  8. Ransomware
  9. extortion

Android OS locker

Ransomware virus:

Ransomware 101 Glossary_ransomware_img5 cryptolocker3 cryptolocker2 Ransomware prevention


with this malware hackers lock your system as Internet police, or US Police or Interpol, also redirects to the fake websites after you downloading the file, then you may open that for install then the system will automatically encrypt/locked by them and ask they money to unlock it.

Read more about Ransomware malware removal tools.

check out this video to how crept locker or torrent locker works

Android phones Not safe

  1. Android apps are ok google will check for them and ads also served by google.
  2. Mobile browsers won;t stop annoying ads and popup windows if you want to download mp3 and Movies there we can face this issue.
  3. Unauthorized APKs like tube mate and other Android markets like amazon may cause issues with mobile phone.

How they get installed on Mobile Phone and PC

  1. with email (gmail Now sending that kind of stuff to span automatically),
  2. Ads or Adware Ads from unauthorized websites like porn and illegal content website.
  3. Highpercangteges of viruses from Torrent sites (torrent sites can’t filter the uploaded files) (I have experienced I tried to download the game but that was a virus and that’s not solved until the  formatted system with C only and then deleted the total files from All hard disks reinstalled the OS that worked.
  4. I have noticed someone sent a text document in .exe format, but my antivirus blocked.
  5. My website hacked 3 years ago I have checked each of every file and lot of time wasted that point. hacker Injected script to the source code (source code injection). I have checked all the single files in website directory. I have noticed they injected script web site index.php in WordPress platform because that page interacts every time when a website loads. what users get that ask to install some file.
  6. Google safe browsing allows you to get safe from those kinds of the website by blocking them.


  1. If you are a business person doing lot of transaction on PC & Mobile then go for premium Antivirus almost 500INR for a year (I Prefer AVG rather than Avira).
  2. Code your personal Information
  3. Observe system stability and actions if system using high memory then look for resources and disable Internet connection to see is that hacker connected or not.
  4. Not only Antivirus we have additional Malware scanner like Malware Bites.
  5. Subscribe for Antivirus Product website Newsletter like AVG, Norton, Avira
  6. Install an Adblocker for  your browser but it hurts the internet (no revenue for genuine websites including me). install ad blocker then click on pause it when you are you are getting unwanted ads then enable and then pause. keep blocking ads with ad blocker you may miss promotional offers based on your interest from google.

What about Securing Credit card information:

Internet banking IS Ok they now they enabled OTP password for every transaction and SMS alert for every action.So hacker not able to change the Mobile number. (but they did it in past).

At the point of credit card information that we vulnerability situation. CC Number and expiry date CVV number appears on credit card (but Now within India RBI enabled OTP for credit cards for domestic / national online transactions but NOT for the International transactions and offline use in case of theft).

Ransomware wiki 


best antivirus software AVG

List malware Scanners:

  1. Malwarebytes
  2. Bitdefender free version
  3. SuperAntispywaere
  4. Kaspersky virus removal tool
  5. Norman antimalware cleaner