How to Improve Eyesight Naturally tips to prevent vision loss

How to Improve Eyesight

I will tell you simply what I did… Please do not be discouraged, and do it!
1. Buy an eye-chart
2. Stand fairly close: Say about 4 feet from the chart.
3. Starting with the top row of letters/numbers, look carefully at the top row.
4. Blink and RELAX your eyes.
5. Now, starting with the top-left corner of the first figure on the chart, look at it carefully for about 3 seconds blink, and relax your eyes…
6. Now, look at the same figure, and at the top-right corner for 3 seconds blink, and relax your eyes again.
7. Now, same figure, look at the center left (say of a letter such as E), for 3 secs, blink, and relax.
8. Same procedure for the center-right, then, bottom-left & then, bottom right.
9. Repeat the procedure for all figures on the chart, working from top to bottom of the chart.
10. Now, repeat the entire procedure at a distance slightly further back (say about 6 feet from the chart).
11. Repeat the procedure till you have moved back to about 20 feet or more from the chart.
12. Do this for approx 20 min per day, 5 days each week.
The process is not easy, but it works, and its free!!

drink carrot juice rather than eating, use vitamin -A tablets Retinol Palmitate . also try cod liver oil capsules, eat liver and turkey meat. do eye exercises and give a break for 10 minutes if you worked for 1 hour. also try 30 steps walking for every 30 minutes if your are in sitting in job. it helps to improve overall body health including weight loss, back pain and eye stress.

Vitamin A supplement vs Pro vitamin A Supplement beta carotene?

pro vitamin a safe, 

Diabetes cause blindness High blood sugar in diabetes causes the lens of the eye to swell, which changes your ability to see.

vision loss causes

Astigmatism( images are blurred due to an irregularly-shaped cornea).,(Nearsightedness) myopia, Macular Degeneration 
eye sight loss by computer

 eyestrain, headaches, fatigue, dry eyes, and

difficulty focusing, These symptoms (Computer Vision Syndrome – CVS)
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one side of headache 

A migraine headache without a visual disturbance preceding it is called a “migraine without aura” (previously called a common migraine). it can resolve in half or one hour.

Generally strikes when we not use spectacles regularly, it’s time to check your sight (vision) decreased or not. replace spectacle with suitable point if it increases. more…

 Vision Insurance Also available in some countries.

Computer eye syndrome here..



  • Palming
  • Swinging
  • ‘Color Day’
  • See Clearly Method
  •  rub your palms and put on your eyes
  • put your thumb 5inches away from your face see that after five seconds look at backside of that.
20/20/20 exercise
  • every 20 minutes look at 20 feet away object for 20 seconds.