How to protect from police misconduct


Incident 1 Land dealing issues; my situation graduated and preparing for government job with 1 acre 1.45 acre land for agriculture land father died when I am 7 years old. All surrounding farmers occupied edges of my land. My cousin demanding that he have some part in the land, because of my father sold some land of my grandfather, sum of 10 guntas over 35 years ago, we are doing agriculture on that land from the beginning, my cousin and other surrounding formers blackmailing by if argue with them they file a cause of beating him or offensive talking,
Police role here only depending on the political power, strongest person side only. Also rude behaviour on graduated students. When I trying to register land there is irregular duties of MRO misguidance of Vro to opt money, last time i given money for to make missing documents as the rate he told me, 1 or more year I am cAlling asking for documents but he said I am busy meet me here or there that time, but when Ian on same place and called him simply he said he is on another place also told meet me another day, this process continued for 1 year. Finally on a festival day u called him because of my mother scolded me. I am lit bit scolded him and asked for refund. He said meet me tomorrow. My brother went his home asked for money I front of their family members and relatives. Then he refunded me.
I want register my land legally but. Half of my land already registered by my cousin.
So this problem gonna dissuade by village elders 4th time. Last time my cousin breaked the bond, by rosa sting the border stones in front us by scolding my Mother. And pointed my brother as he removed border stones. Same thing made by 2   Other sir rounding formers.
all of them more 30-40 years, they don’t care about police cases.
So my future stuck here depending upon my fAte. No once can help me!
Incident 2. AADHAAR card theft photo morphed my AADHAAR card using for crime practices, such as selling stealer mobile phones as a proof he submitting my I’d with his photo. 2 times polices caught me. 1st si of ps in Hyderabad looked the photo of ID card and my face then told the constable to send to home. And went for sleep at ps. I had waited 4 hours he waken up and said why is here asked constable he said for your permission. Also said he doubt on me because of my friend and me have gundis, he thought the cellphone robbery made at tirupati train from a girl ” she given phone to make call for robber as in his request and he escaped with phone ”  2nd time also robbery happened in train only.
Constable asked some questions regarding journey, gundus but we mAde gundus another area. Also I asked him the date of robbery,  to prove that time am at my work.  Also requested to si to identify the thrive in I’d card. Requested make investigation on cellphone shop. But not listened me. But he pointed as am a thief. Also requested to confirm me with that girl who lost his cellphone.
I had been seated for 10 hours  11AM to 9PM. Si ready to leave his duty for that day . I have requested to leave me. He told that meet me tomorrow. Also written a document.
Told to his ci and leFt me and friend. By saying final word ” why steals instead of study. I am totally comprised with that word. That’s my first time entry police station. I have lot of fear at that moment.
After that filed a complaint in local police station. But they are not taking my complaint. Told me to go cybercrime office, I requested so to this only the evidence to protect from police in future cases. Si was new looks like student he understood my problem and taken my complaint and given me a zero copy with stamp. Also went cybercrime but there is no relative officer. They old only delete data from website I said ok and take complaint they also stamped the complaint but not removed any data from online. My self I have removed my AADHAAR cArd from online.
After few days two people’s came for me with that I’d cArd ” I thought they are the real persons who misused my I’d proof at their shop” may be they searched iune for AADHAAR card samples to buy phones from thrives at cheap rate with my proof at that shop.
Incident 3 dealing brother in law. we got a psycho brother in law he often beats my sister tried attempt murder. sister attempted for suicide but finally escaped through hospital. that problem now dealing with elders in the village. Police supporting my brother in law it’s shame on me.