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Do Your internet Speed Test for Desktop, Laptop, Mobile and Tablets, Broadband, Android, Ios, Mac, Windows, Iphone, samsung, Nokia


Check your speed test

Speed Test from Various Location and Servers

  • Sever 1 
  • Sever 2 AT&T
  • Sever 2 AT&T
  • Sever 3 Beam telecom
  • Sever 4 Bsnl


How Internet speed calculated?

Amount of Data  =Your Internet Connection Speed
Time to Download

What is Internet connection speed?

Internet speed refers to ” Transfer rate of data Between Your Computer or laptop Mobile any Device and Internet Server”.
Results vary each time Depends upon the Server and Location, And number of people to connecting to that server Internet is Global Network.


  • NO Flash Player Required
  • Works on Mobile (iPhone, Samsung, Nokia )and Tablets like Ipad
  • All Platforms Like Windows, Android, Mac Os, Ios
  • Works with All Browsers(Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, )
  • Any Location from world India, Canada, US, Uk and other etc.
  • All Broadband services and wireless networks like AT&T
  • You Do DSL speed test ADSL and Other so on.
  • Checks your ISP internet Speed without downloading Any app on your Mobile just Bookmarks it and check on regular basis.
  • You can test it From anywhere Your home Office any Device windows Laptop, Mobile Tablet and other.

How to do Internet Speed test?

  1. All you Have to do this visit ” “.
  2. And Click on START TEST and wait for few seconds Results will appear on The screen.
Understanding Results:
You may Found download Speed and Upload Speed
  • I Think Upload speed Equal as Your Broadband Download speed Limit. But we Not much more use upload rather than download.
  • While Your Browsing Every page downloads o  Your Laptop Computer mobile device Temporary Folder Then it will Appear for us.
  • Generally, Every Website Size may be 512KB-4MB Maximum. If you are browsing then you consuming some Amount of Data which is your ISP providers Given your Monthly Quota.
How much Internet data a Youtube Video Consumes?
  • It’s Depend On Video Size and Quality Of video. If you watching 5 Minute video songs May be it’s consumes 5-20MB, Depending upon the quality of video you are watching.
Below are the video Quality measures. 360P works good with 1 Mbps Speed Connection.

If you watching a movie Duration 2.30 Hours,

  • In 360P Mode That video Size Will 250-300MB,
  • In 720HD 500-700MB
  • And 1020 HD 1.6 GB Onwards
  • 1020HD
  • 720HD
  • 360P
  • 240P
  • 144P
You can Adjust the Video quality on Youtube by clicking Gear icon Left side of full screen Button. By default it’s Automatically set According to the Your Broadband Internet speed.You check All isp Providers Internet speed like Beam telecom, Bsnl, Airtel, Idea, Aircel as well as Mobile Also.
For checking you broadband and hathway, tikona use the First server above.