LED vs CFL t5 vs t8 vs t12


Quality of Light Measured In CRI
Quantity of Lights Measured in Lumens

20,000 hrs 4*6000 hrs 4x of CFL,
Highest lumens mean higher bright light

Total amount of light coming from a source measured in lumens (lm)
Light source efficiency measured amount lumens generated for consuming of watts
Higher LM/w more efficient light source,
1200 lumens – 100lm/w
Inbuilt cc driver ensures constant light output,
Wide operating voltage 130_280v,
A 12watts led saves 40% more energy than 20w CFL,
I have noticed less lumens in 20w CFL and less brighter than 12w led,

Mercury free,
20,000 hours 15 years life,
But CFL gives 1-year warranty, long last as up to 5 years,

Types of led lights
Cool day
Pearl white
Gold yellow,
Cost of led light 6500k 599INR $10 approximately,

Warning& caution

  1. Not to use with dimmers
  2. Not for use in totally enclosed fixtures,
  3. For indoor use only (-15to 40c)
  4. Only operates with Ac power supply,
  5. Turn off light before changing the lamp.
  6. Do not touch when lamp is on
At 3.5 hours per a day,
Electro \magnetic ballast vs Electronic ballast
  1. Electro \magnetic ballast consumes 16 watts or more per hour.
  2. electronic ballast consumers up to watts / hour.

T8 vs T12 vs T5 bulb comparison & difference CFL

Watts/hours (power consumption)403625
Lumens (light output)/watt7590100
Temperature Kelvin K
CRI (Color Rendering Index)628080
lifetime hours10k10K15K
  • Special ballast need for t5 lamp 500INR for 10k hours.
  • stand 300, 150 INR ballast 50K hrs, 20INR 500hrs
Philips T12 40watts 220V CFl Tube Light
length 1.2m as same as t8 tube.
Light Output: 2450 lumens.
Price: 50INR
15,500 hrs at 5.5 hours daily.
hid k vs lumens
T12_T8_T5_difference tubular lights
Colour temperature (‘K’) vs brightness
higher the Kelvin, the less light output you get (lumens).
4300k D2R Philips = 2000lm (lumens) actually 5800k
6500K 36w t5 cfl philps bulb.
Colour temperature (‘K’) vs brightness.
I = 100 W/12 V = 8.33 amps
50 volts x 2 amps = 100 watts
voltage means the efficiency/ pressure /flow (potential force)  of the device to pass electricity per second.
1000 Amperes = 1 watt, 1000watts = 1kw. (1unit in Indian electricity it costs 2 Rupees at 100w slab for month)
generally, we may get 100-200Watts so we can below 500INR per month depending on the usage.