Autoscaling & load balancing in google cloud

Autoscaling: creates instances based on CPU usage to power up the server.
Problems with autoscaling in google cloud:
  1. Every instance creating some boot disk (based on the conditions from instance template)& external IP . and CPU scales then VM itself delete including boot disk & IP.

I thought autoscaling only adds CPU resources but adding extra disk.  where new data added to the website stored I mean which instance among them & None of them are permanent. it can be useful only power up an image or snapshot.

To overcome this issue we need to automate snapshots. I am not a developer but just confusing here.

We can create load balancer to existing instance too instead of instance group.

Create instance & uncheck boot disk delete when the instance is deleted.
you cannot create an image from the disk that already used by VM or server running.
Create new image from the disk  (Image name lamp1)
select source disk as 1st VM instance boot disk.
or create the snapshot from existing VM and make disk>>image
create instance template
mcro 600 MB 1v sahred cpu  5.79 /month  *4
small 1.76Gb                       15.50/month
n1 standard 3.76 GB 1core     27.75
n2 standard  7.5gb 2 core      52.80$ /month
2 cpus 4gb ram                     46.95$/m
n3    15gb ram  4cpus  103.90$
hcpu  3.6gb  4cpu        79.37$
4cpu 5.5gb ram          86.23
Name your instance template & select machine type
Select boot disk from image your backup image or new os image.
create instance group
Give the  name of group & select zone
use instance template instead existing instance
select auto scaling on
network load balancing
https load balancing
content load balancing
 select auto scaling based CPU usage, 
target CPUu load 60%, minimum & maximum number of instances 1-10, and cool down period 60 seconds.
create a load balancer
GCE>>Netowrk>> load balancer
create  give prefix name & select region >> create new target pool >> use instance group / instance>> create / use healthy disk.
auto scaling for existing one instance
take snapshot create disk for snapshot>> iamge>>template>>group>>loadbalnce>>
Cloud Load Balancing are priced by the same hourly service and data processing volume rates.
$0.025*24=0.6*30=18$ month
First 5 forwarding rules$0.025Per Hour
Per additional forwarding rule$0.010Per Hour
Data processed$0.008Per GB