Men’s Skin care tips for face

  • Skin types

    1. Oil and Acne Prone Skin (Shiny, visible pores, Acne, breakouts, blackheads),
    2. Dry and Sensitive Skin (Sensitive, Tight, Fine Pore, Easily irritated, Dryness),
    3. Mature Aging Skin: (Fine Lines, wrinkles, Bags, Dry),
    4. Combination Skin: Mix of Dry and oil (Oily in T-Zone Upper, Dryness in lower face, Large Pores), Common.

    Exploiting: Removes Dead cells
    Masking: 10 Minutes weekly 2 times
    Eyecare: Aging comes first with below eyes skin because that has the lack of sweat, oil glands. to Avoid it, Apply the eye hydrating cream before go to bed and After cleansing. Dark circles below eyes caused by lack of vitamins. baggy eys, puffy eyes, hangover eyes. Don’t use moisturizing cream there are other products designed for fort hem.
    Anti Aging: Anti aging serums Available with vitamin C apply that before go to bed.
    Lip care: Protect lips from aging by adding lip Blam with SPF (Sun protection Factor).


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