My career In blogging & online Internet marketing

My Career In Blogging

In my case, I have AdSense account 3 years old but I have waited for 1 year to reach minimum Adsense payment.
Presently I am hosting 10+2 domains with  3.5gb ram 200gb space in VPS server and getting almost low every month I think about its reach minimum payment or not. this month almost 50% paid for VPS. I don’t know about my future.
two options in my mind.

  • Get a job that provide job security only in government sectors. well prepared for it almost 4 months but competitors preparing from years. I need to prepare for 1 more year. but I am wasting my age which is youngster stage with no girlfriend.
  • I have invested almost 5 years of valuable time in this field how can I leave it.

what did I wrong?
if I satisfy with one domain or one niche it’s OK today I am the most popular blogger of India.

  •  Started with pay per click almost 3 years gone with spam BUX sites.
  • blogged mp3 download sites 1-2 years without knowing SEO No intention for earning.
  • Google updated their TOS  Due to SOPA ACT 2012 when the time of Mega upload banned by us government owner arrested. that time Adsense disabled mp3 download sites on India and also another country.
  • Online marketing for Affiliate products from Clickbank, CJ, and Amazon. ( i am not matured at that time)
  • so there is no content to add websites. created bunch blogger blogs with one category for one website insurance card web hosting movies news etc. that time trending software like auto blogging software autopilot on WordPress but I used abs which are value 50 dollars downloaded it free from I don’t know  exact search on Google which is from Pakistani blogger he resells wsos.which is available popular marketing places like warrior forum.
  • that auto-blogging is not worked from me. deleted by blogger.also tried on WordPress but panda penguin update killed that 2 sites.
  • presently running 2 forums test classified site 3-4 unpopular blog.
  • After 2014 Taken Seriously about the career in Blogging.


  1. Neglected too much.
  2. Created bunch of websites instead focusing one.
  3. NOT Up to date about SEO.
  4. maybe Not a Brilliant Mind because thoughts always on another way it’s just for recreation (get government job / earn money only, satisfied with present earnings)

why I am written this because this story repeats every day in my Mind. I don’ now what to do. I am alone.  I got inspiration from two students who founded YouTube and sold to Google for 300 billion in 2005 when I am 11th class.