My top 10 Best Movies in Hollywood English year wise [updated]

Below are my favorite movies that already watched. If  you like to watch the movie my advise is Watching trailers before you watching a movie,
I though that now Hollywood is boring because I watched all movies, but there are other movies I need to watch, for that I am sorting out movies here.

I saw a movie that one man makes two women and 1 men jointly by surgering them. When men eat food that goes to 2nd girls and then 3rd one,  after few days 3rd girl had died due to lack of food. They’re attached by combing ass with face by surgery, also the doctor breaks their knees to walk like an animal.

Little man

A comedy film by a robber robs diamond from the jewelry upon contract.
When the time of police chasing them, he drops a woman’s handbag. Late escapes and follow the woman
They discuss entry to that house. Here hero looks
As a child, his mate makes him as a baby and leave at their house comedy begins must see comedy film.

kungufu panda

Fat panda lives in a city where Kungfu warriors live.
He huge fan of them. When he attempted to watch their show.
He interferes among when the time of selecting kungfumaster to beat bad evils
And the old tortoise pointed him as a master. Explaining not present the situation you can watch yourself better.

Dragon movies

  1. Dragon heart 1996
  2. Dragon saylor
  3. D wars
  4. How to train dragon
  1. Kungfu panda 1, 2, 3
  2. How to train dragon 1 2
  3. Finding Nemo
  4. puss in boots
  5. big hero 6
  6. shrek1, 2
Action movies
  1. Death race,
  2. Expandable 1, 2 3
  3. Priest
  4. Mission impossible 3 ghost protocol  (climbing glass coated building in Dubai must watch the scene)
  5. Mummy-2 rise of empire, 
James bond movie series, terminator 3, 

  1. Guardians of galaxy
King Kong, planet of the Apes, star wars
Top 10 Zombie movies
  1. Land of the dead
  2. Resident evil
Fantasy movies
  1. Throne
  2. Game of thrones
  3. Labyrinth 1986
  4. Lord of the ring fellowship of Kings (2001)
  5. Horry potter movie series
  6. robbery fight
Sci fi
  1. world warz
  2. avatar
  3. xmen united 2
  4. Amazing spider-man 2
Adult movies

  1. Student services are the best movie that girls look very without any clothes. And all the scenarios behind prostitution by a student.

All movie series from marvels

Iron man, Super man, Spider man, Captain America, Incredible Hulk, Thor, Fantastic four, x men series, blade, batman