how to auto publish upcoming stories in pligg?
pligg posts auto publish from upcoming with out moderation

To automatically publish the new stories/news, go to admin and under “Configure your site go to “Votes” and change this:
Auto-publish new story.

Or set votes tpo publish to zero.

how to recover admin email from pligg?

my user account was marked as a spammer and i changed into admin in PHP admin i received my login details through email, but I am unable to login error password or username
Add admin roles to your account if lost.
Create new account add admin role to that account from phpmyadmin, also you can do this for your old account.
invalid username or user id in get_avatar fixed in pligg
Run below sql command through PHPMyAdmin
DELETE FROM `pligg_links` where pligg_links.link_author NOT IN ( SELECT user_id FROM pligg_users )

pligg templates free how to install a new pligg template

if you missed template you can configure it from PHPMyAdmin to simply use pligg)_cpnfig table and change it to current theme name in present your pligg themes directory.
how to change template in pligg
go to admin configuration template change
change pligg template name from database
bootstrap to wistie or any template

how to upgrade pligg instructions detailed tutorial

you can see instruction
also, you can see install instructions here

import EMBED youtube videoS to pligg VIDEO PLUS MODULE

Why did I choose Lightview?

pigg moderation user submitted posts
Is very easy to do this,just open your admin area and find in your modules the spam trigger.Then to the first box add the follow words one by line:
remove sidebar widget in pligg

pligg languages and then (editing template) you need search for side bar and remove that change
xml sitemap for pligg
download it from
moving pligg to another host or server
back your directory and database and upload it to new server you may face some problems during installation’;

how to change website name in pligg cms base url
i want to know about it
if you are trying get acces for then it redirects to  how do you solve this.
rename .htaccess also change seo method 2 in pligg configure.
edit settings.php
rss importer installation on pligg
upload to directory and go fo pligg/admin modules php then click on uninstalled and then click install, After installing go for settings.

how to install pligg cms

how to remove footer links in pligg
edit template by language search for footer and remove links.
cron job for rss importer pligg installation download page from pligg
/ramdisk/bin/php5 -q /home/MYHOSTUSERNAME/public_html/MYROOTDIRECTOY/import.php