power consumption calculator india electricity bill tariff rates [how to]

is to use power consumption calculator and compare with monthly bill After reading this you can calculate by your own and save natural energy for future.

Electricity bill slabs rates in Hyderabad AP Telangana

Units in Monthly consumption and tariff rate
  1. 1-50 Units – 1.45 Rupees
  2. 51-100 units 

1st 50 units at 1.45 and remaining 51-100 at  2.6.

   3.customers with 100-200 Units monthly limit.
  • 51-100 Units at 2.6
  • 1-50 units at 2.6
  • 101-150  at 3.6
  • 151 -200 at 3.6 rupees.
4..Custmers with more than 200 units consumption.
  1. Up to 50 units at 2.6
  2. 51-100  > 3.28
  3. 101-150 >> 4.88
  4. 151-200 >>5.63
  5. 201-250 >> 6.38
  6. 251-300>>6.68
  7. 301-400 >>  7.38
  8. 401-500 >> 7.68
  9. Above 500  8.38
For Commercial and industrial power tariff rates in Telangana & Ap please download this pdf from

electricity consumption calculator / calculation

 power consumption calculator

Which is better paying power bill 2 months at a time or monthly?
electricity bill explanation /understand
may be There is no additional amount charged if you pay two months bill at a time. For reference: previous month electric bill calculated and fixed the price, present month calculations available on the receipt.
units you consumed in present month * tariff rate + Custom= addiotnal+ charges= present bill.
previous bill + present month bill = 2 months receipt.
Ex: previous 2 months 155 units* with charges 458 and The TA(tariff rate) 1st 100units at 2.6 remaining 55 at 3.6.
100 * 2.6 = 260
 55 *  3.6 = 198
Total 260+198=458+ custom charges 35+ Addional cahrges 25 + electric duty ED 9.30+ EDINT 0.03 = 527 (present month), + 168 (previous month) = 695.
Ex2: 1 Month,
  • Units 95 * tariff rate charges 189.50 = custom charges 30+ 25 Additional charges + ED 5.70+ EDINT 0.10= 250.30 .
  • Calculation: up to 100 units monthly consumption SlAB  2
  • 1st 50*1.45 = 72.5 nad 45*2.6= 117
  • 117+72.5= 189.50 Rupees.
After 2 months, there may be disconnection if you not paid within due date. and the disconnection charges are 50 rupees in Hyderabad.

We have to  Know 1 unit electricity means how many watts?

1 electricity unit is equal to how many watts?

  • 1 electricity unit in KWH (Kilowatt per hour or 1000 watts/hour) is 1kwh
  • 1 Electricity unit = 1kwh or 1000 watts per hour
  • 1 kilowatt= 1000 watts
  • 1 watt= watts = amps × volts

 1 electricity unit is equal to how many kWh in India?

Only 1 unit. 
Now we can start

TV power consumption LED / LCD / Plasma CRT by inches

maximum CRT TV Size Limited to 40Inches.

Screen SizeLEDLCDCRTPlasma
15 inches151865
17 inches182075
19 inches202280
20 inches242690
21 inches2630100
22 inches3040110
24 inches4050120
30 inches5060150
32 inches5570160
37 inches6080180
42 inches80120220
50 inches100150300

power consumption by the appliance.

Appliance capacity measures in watts /k.watts per hour.
  1. 100watts filament bulb consumes 100watts in one hour
  2. 40 watts tube light
  3. 15 to 30 CFL bulb
  4. Ceiling fan 40-80-Kw
  5. Iron box 2400 Watts or 2.4 Kw
  6. Desktop computer 250W
  7. Television Or TV 60W
  8. Radio 14W
  9. Refrigerator 200Litr 300w
  10. AC or Conditioner 1500W-2400W
  11. Rice Cooker  660w
  12. Tower fan 70Watts-170W.

Find your Appliance Electric capacity from here.

electric Rice cooker power consumption
I am using Panasonic rice cooker which is 1.8 kg I need to check the bottom of the cooker because there is sticker about manufacturer and model.
Panasonic 1.8kg cooker power consumption per hour 500-600watts (half of 1 unit)

For exact power consumption rating, you can check your appliance. for exact power consumption, we have to see the meter. because above are power consumption ratings may vary from original consumptions.

How to calculate Electricity bill consumption per a month?

First, we Need to calculate electricity usage by the Appliance.
Example 40 watts tube light consumes 8 hours a day
Per 1 Month we have to calculate 320 watts for 30 days.
320*30=9600w which means 9.6 Kw or 9.6 units for round figure we can take 10 units or 10 kwh per month. before we calculation monthly bill we need to know about electricity bill slab rates in Hyderabad.

How to find electricity bill unit rate in your area?

you may check back side of your electricity bill for power consumption slab rates in your area. you can also visit concerned official power supply website for electricity bill rates in your area.

Electricity Calculation for 1000 units per Month

Domestic Electric charge Rates
A) Energy Charges(S.O.P.) Calculation :
Unit Slabs     Period of Bill
(in Months)     Tariff Rates

  • First 150 units       *     2     = 300 units   *   2.30     =  Rs.   690.00
  • Next 250 units      *     2     = 500 units   *   4.20     =  Rs. 2100.00
  • (1000-800) units           = 200 units   *   4.40     =  Rs.   880.00
  • Total Energy Charges (S.O.P.) comes out to be     =  Rs. 3670.00

B) Electricity Duty(E.D.) Calculation :
1000 (Total units)   *   0.09         =  Rs.     90.00

Nondomestic Areas

A) Energy Charges(S.O.P.) Calculation :
Unit Slabs     Period of Bill
(in Months)     Tariff Rates
First 150 units       *     2     = 300 units   *   4.30     =  Rs. 1290.00
Next 250 units      *     2     = 500 units   *   4.50     =  Rs. 2250.00
(1000-800) units           = 200 units   *   4.70     =  Rs.   940.00
Total Energy Charges (S.O.P.) comes out to be     =  Rs. 4480.00

B) Electricity Duty(E.D.) Calculation :
1000 (Total units)   *   0.11         =  Rs.   110.00

Source http://chdengineering.gov.in/pages/elex.htmLet’s come to the My point

Total Appliances

  1. Laptop  22W on use, 11 on Stand By, on sleep  12 hours 22W*12=264W
  2. Panasonic Rice cooker 660W 1 hour 660W*1=660W
  3.  Philps CFL bulb  23W 5 hours     23*5=115W
  4. Tower fan 175 W or 40w  lets take 40W for 8 hours. 40*8=500W

 TOTAL 264+660+115+500=1539W Per a day.

For 1 Month 1593*30=47790Watts or 47.8 kWh Round Figure 50,000 Watts or 50 KiloWatts (kWh) 50 units.
Total Electricity bill= Units* Electricity charge Rate
50*1.45=72.5 Rupees Energy usage Charges.
If tower fan uses 175watts 175*8=1400W then calculation
TOTAL 264+660+115+1400=2439W Per a day.
2439*30= 73710 74Kwh 74units
74*1.88= 139.2
Combining Three Rooms No information about which appliances they are using.
But we have combined three bachelor’s rooms and got 125 units.
125 units electricity slab rate 100-150 Units  4.88 Rupees According to above charges.


how to calculate electricity bill from meter reading in India?

But in electricity bill billed as below

Reading Month STS
Present 416 9/2014
Previous 291 8/2014
units 125 Avg

  1. Energy charges 350
  2. Fixed charges       0
  3. Custom Charges     35
  4. Cap charges         0
  5.  Electricity duty 75
  6. Edint                  0.9
  7. Additional charges    25
  8.  ACD surcharges 0
  9. DEV CHGS 0
  10. FSA03/12 0.9494
  11. different in tariff 0

 Bill Amount 518.33

Loss/Gain (-) 0.33
Ason 31-03-2014 0.00
After 01/04/2014 855.00 Rupess
Total Amount 1373.00 Rupess
Due date 9/9/2014
Amount Last paid on 24/06/2014.
Actually, I don’t have knowledge about electricity before writing this. last time They asked me to pay 408 rupees divided by 3 rooms 408/3=136+4 I have given him.

  how much electricity does a tower fan use?

I am using a tower fan now I have to figure out tower fan electricity capacity, but there is no details on the tower fan may be domestic made. I have seen some branded Tower Fan 1 Unit Model No DK3030  have 175 watts motor power,  Oster OT16RB-IN Tower Fan 40W power, my tower fan have no brand local made.
Ceiling Fan 40-80W,   A table fan consumes 40-60W per hour.
I am trying to get tower fan energy consumption rate by searching online on google but not able find ever time this happens to me that’s why I have created this website as online king.

Electricity savings tips

check below images if you have any ideas write below. saving energy not only saves you but also Government of India and other people.

I hope This power consumption calculation process  Helps Lot of people in the short span of time. but it taken me almost 5 hours from 10 Am 1.30 Pm on 5/09/2014.

CRT monitor power consumption

CRT 14″-15″ :60-75watts 
CRT 17″-21″ :80-135 watts

laptop power consumption

A 14-15 inches laptop uses 60W/Hour

induction cooker power consumption in units.

you may look at the info of the product at the bottom on seal cover it mostly 2000W or 2 units per hour maximum. it may decrease up to up to 60w depending on the what you are cooking.

Is induction cooker cheaper than LPG Stoves gas?

when it compared non-subsidized gas may be cheap also when comparing to subsidized gas may expensive depending on the power consumption unit rate. although we don’t have any verified source.
When induction cooker comparing to an electric rice cooker. Rice Cooker Consumes 550Watts per hour and Induction Cooker 2000-3200 Watts Depending on the Capacity of the Induction also Note That time to take Cookin rice both on Electric and Induction Cookers.
My story:
I want to calculate my electricity power consumption. because last month tenants got 408 rupees for bachelor’s room in Hyderabad.but this month August to September with the entry of me we got 1373 INR.
I Need to calculate my power consumption with my appliance capacity and hours in they are using.
I am Located in Hyderabad previously Andhra Pradesh Holds Power distribution charges. But Now apcentralpower.com changed to tssouthernpower.com for my area.
when I googled for online electricity bill calculate online I found the only official website that apcentalpowr.com but that form don’t have to put options may be it’s changing to TS central power or AP Central power migrating to Telangana that’s why there is a problem electricity calculator script.
I am searching for today may be it take more than 2 hours to find accurate information.
I’ve checked on Apepdcl website also, but there are not present my home appliances ex: Laptop there is the only desktop computer that consumes 250w per hours.

1.5 ton 5 star Ac Power consumption

you can find the average wattage of AC on the label.

1.5ton cooling capacity Ac. with 1500 wattage per hour. consumes 1.5 unit per hour.

for 8 Hours it will be 1.5*8=12 kWh 12units a day and 360watts per month along with other appliances 900watts 1200units per month your electricity bills comes under high slab rate. calculate electricity bill based on the formula.