Propecia review

ALL about Propecia, how does it works, side effects, cost, dosage, limitations for male pattern baldness and comparison to other products.

side effects
Impotence (low sex drive by decreasing sexual hormone DHT).
Other minor side effects of itching, scars, scalp redness.
FDA warning that the risk of prostate cancer.

Used to only (male pattern hair loss) M-shaped baldness front.
Not recommended for females due to birth defects to fetus (only after monophase 50+year due to impotence)
No insurance coverage (for using cosmetic medicine)

when to use?
It only stops from hair loss, not stimulates regrows hair on the scalp.but rogaine stimulates but not prevents from hair falling. hair transplantation also the same thing applicable.


1 tablet every day (1mg)with or without meals. minimum usage 3-6 months for results.

Propecia cost $60 for 1-month supply, when rogaine costs $25 dollars for 1month supply.
Available in the form of tablets with doctor prescription only.

How does it works?
Also called as Finasteride, it inhibits 5AR Type5 II isoenzyme Alpha reductase enzyme which converts testosterone to DIhydrtotestosternone in blood.

Approved by FDA in 1997 After the Proscar pill. Actually this medicine used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia to reduce enlarged prostate gland. by side effects it increased hairs on the scalp like rogaine for heart diseases.

Alternate products:
Propecia contains 1 mg of Finasteride, but Proscal contains 5 mg. and quarter price of Propecia.
but FDA approved 1 mg finasteride for male pattern baldness and 5 mg finasteride for enlarged prostate gland costs $9 dollars for the month.

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