protection against radiation exposure

Protect yourself against emf radiation from laptop, mobile computer, WiFi, cellphone tower and other etc. by having anti radiation chip, emf meter.

Sensitive tissues effects quickly Brain, eye, ear.

  1. The tumor may develop the auditory nerve, especially on the side where cell phone is mostly kept while talking.
  2. in the eyes delicate parts such as lens and cornea can be affected.
  3. TheBrain can be affected, which could result in Headache, Sleep disturbance, lack of concentration loss of memory and irritation. physical disorders, such as brain tumor, Alzheimer’s Parkinson Disease etc.

laptop radiation
mobile radiation prevents by anti radiation chip, WiFi, laptop any electronic device,

 laptop and computer whether it’s safe to use during pregnancy.

not put on the abdominal body.
 Electromagnetic Fields (or EMFs)

radiation causes infertility, DNA damage,
Use laptop radiation shield costs toward $50.

Electromagnetic Radiation Detector Meter Dosimeter costs 2000 INR, anti radiation chip costs from 100-1000INR for mobile/wifi.

protecting Home from cell phone tower

Vibrating comb radiation

Electromagnetic vs laser Radiation

nuclear radiation vs electromagnetic radiation
particulate radiation vs electromagnetic radiation
ionizing radiation vs Nonionizing electromagnetic radiation
Not all EMR Ionizing only with high-frequency waves like X,Gama and other.
major Difference is ionizing radiation includes x,gama rays which are breaks/Damages DNA bonds.
electromagnetic vs mechanical waves

Electromagnetic radiation found every here in daily from sunlight, bulbs, FM and other electronic devices.

EMR (electromagnetic radiation) wavelength 380nm-780nm (nanometer) also called as visible light.

below 380nm ultraviolet rays, above 780nm infrared both are invisible to eyes.

laser’ Stands for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation.
wavelength 150nm-11000nm.

maximum permissible exposure radiation

Radiation measure in mrem (millirem). A rem is 1000 mrem of radiation,

Adults exposure maximum in a year.
whole body 5000mrem
eye  15k
skin 50k
elbows, legs, knees,50k mrem or 50 rem.
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high dose rates (> ~10 rad/h or > 0.1 Gy/h).
rad= radiation dose
1 GY(gray 1 joule of energy absorbed into 1 kg mass)=100Rad
equivalent dose sievert (Sv)=100rem.
natural radiation dose average 2.4 mSv/yr of ionizing radiation.
Rem, rad, Roentgen definitions
Radiation types
 ionizing radiation

Foods that protect from radiation

Protecting from radiation

  1. Distance
  2. radiation absorber /shield
  3. time
detailed from

where to stick the antiradiation patch on ?mobile / WiFi router?

I guess middle of it, but we have attach where the exact place of the antenna located.

for mobile top or bottom depending antenna location provided by the manufacturer for efficient results.  you can best place to stick.
youtube video test for radiation test

How to measure EMF radiation?

you can buy Digital EMF Meter /Dosimeter Tester, electromagnetic radiation detector. which is available in price $10-25 with without/9v battery in US. But India it available from 2000INR onwards from e-commerce websites.