push notification add to android sdk (draft) one signal /firebase


One signal: 


  1. Automated messages
  2. Unlimited devices and notifications for Free
  3. integrated with GCM oR FCM

setting GCM or firebase API key for One signal to enable push notifications in android app.

why one signal use GCM or firebase API?


Android app push notifications enable by one signal

How to add one signal notifications in android SDK?


Its very easy rather than firebase

Just add One signal API & Firebase sender id /project number to build Gradle module app.

And some price of code to mainactivity.java

How to add OneSignal.com Push Notifications to your Android App

firebase push notifications


push crew

urban airship


setting up firebase push notification in the android app


After you creating the android app or upgrading existing app


EDIT Open the build.Gradle (Module:App)  Add some dependencies

Now Add  packaging Options directives to your build.gradle (Module : App)

Add internet permissions to Android manifest file I guess it already there.

create firebase app and get download JSON file and add it the app folder.

its take 15+ steps to creating files adding the code

Firebase Push Notification With Image Tutorial on Android : Firebase Cloud Messaging

best tutorial to add firebase to android https://www.spaceotechnologies.com/implement-firebase-push-notification-android-app/

sending notifications with one signal manually


send WordPress updates to Firebase

WordPress firebase authentication: Zapier helps



with this plugin, we don’t need to add to anything to Android SDK just build simple app web view.

Automate push notifications in firebase WordPress.


Reverting back to one signal from firebase


changes: gradle.app grade app project level.

files creates